Press Release from District Legal Services Authority (South)

Jorethang, 28th April: District Legal Services Authority (South), District Legal Services Authority (West), Taluk Legal Services Committee (South) and Taluk Legal Services Committee (West) in coordination with the Sikkim State Legal Services Authority organized a Legal Services Camp as well as a Legal Awareness Program/Health Camp/Registration Drive at Garib Uthan Bhawan, Jorethang, South Sikkim on 28/04/2018.

The purpose of the programme was targeted to spread awareness about welfare legislations and schemes, and strengthen the community’s access to the schemes being implemented by the Legal Services Authority and other Departments of the Government. The programme aimed at identifying and connecting people to welfare schemes to ensure that fruits of the welfare schemes are passed to the eligible people. The programme also looked upon understanding legal needs of the people and addressing legal problems of the people by giving appropriate legal advice.

The programme was launched by the Hon’ble Chairperson, DLSA (South) Ms. Jyoti Kharka and Hon’ble Chairperson, DLSA (West) Mr. Suraj Chettri in the presence of the Secretary DLSA (South) Mrs. Sonam Denka Wangdi, Secretary DLSA (West) Ms. Subarna Rai, Ld. Panel Advocates, Staff of BAC Namchi and BAC Jorethang (Gram Vikash Kendra), Officers from Social Justice Empowerment and Welfare Department, Health Care, Human Services & Family Welfare Department, Doctors of Namchi District Hospital, Gyalshing District Hospital and STNM Hospital, Officials of Jorethang Police Station, Panchayat Members of South and West Sikkim, Para-Lagal Volunteers of South and West Sikkim and Anganwadi workers.

Information booths were setup by various Departments present for the attendees and participants as under:
Legal Aid Clinics by Panel Advocates and Para-Legal Volunteers, Social Justice Empowerment and Welfare Department, Government of Sikkim (Welfare schemes) and Health Care, Human Services & Family Welfare Department (Health camp for differently abled persons).

The attendees visited the booths and interacted with the officers and representative of the Departments present to address their problems and to procure appropriate advice and guidance.
At the registrative drive there were doctors from Orthopedics, ENT, Eye and Psychiatrist departments who carried work medical checkup of the attendees and the differently abled persons were identified. Further, documentaries on Lok Adalat, Mediation and Domestic Violence were also shown to the attendees.

The Court of Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate was inaugurated

Rangpo, April 30: (IPR) The Court of Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate was inaugurated today by Chief Justice of High Court of Sikkim Hon’ble Mr Justice Satish Kumar Agnihotri at Rangpo, East Sikkim. The function was graced by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri Pawan Chamling as the Chief Guest and had the august presence of Hon’ble Judges of the High Court of Sikkim Mrs Justice Meenakshi M. Rai and Mr Justice Bhaskar Raj Pradhan, Hon’ble Minister Law & Parliamentary Affairs Shri R.B. Subba, along with host of other dignitaries.
Addressing the function, Chief Justice Shri Satish Kumar Agnihotri stated that the inauguration of the Court complex in Rangpo Sub-Division coincides with the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima.
Expressing happiness at the inauguration of yet another Court at the Sub-Division level after Chungthang and Soreng, the Chief Justice stated that Court is a place where people can ventilate their grievances and seek justice and added that the people of Rangpo and surrounding areas will no longer have to travel to Gangtok for matters that can be tried in the new Court.
He added that the addition of this new infrastructure in a place like Rangpo, which is the gateway to Sikkim is a huge milestone and gives a very positive message about the image of the State administration. He recorded his thankfulness to the Chief Minister and the State Government for coming up with courts at the sub-division level throughout the State. He informed that a similar court in Jorethang South Sikkim is nearing completion.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling stated that it is a unique day because justice for the people of Rangpo and vicinity will now be delivered at their door step.
He reiterated the commitment of the State Government to strengthen the judiciary system in the State through adequate infrastructure creation and upgradation and nurturing of required human resource. He stated that the State Government will continue to provide required number of ministerial staff in the District and Session Courts in the State. Shri Chamling stated that the State Government is making every effort to improve the quality and speed of justice delivery with a sincere aim to ensure equal access to justice for all. He shared some of the state-of-the-art judiciary infrastructures created by the State Government such as the High Court Building and the High Court Museum, among several others. For legal education, the Government Law College in Gangtok is ensuring qualitative education. Likewise, we have plans to open the National Law University in the State, he informed.
The Chief Minister recorded his appreciation for the new initiatives taken by the Judiciary in Sikkim especially under Chief Justice Shri Satish Kumar Agnihotri. The integration of information technology into the daily functioning is one such initiative which has gone a long way in easing the process, speedy delivery of judgements, and reducing cost.
Meanwhile, directing his address to the students in the audience, Chief Minister Shri Chamling exhorted them to inculcate good values and virtues so that they can face the world. He urged them to move beyond certificate-based education and prepare for life-based education. It takes effort to be a good human being, but it is the sign of ultimate success, he stated. Speaking on the relevance of Buddha’s teachings even to this day, Shri Chamling urged the students to translate his teachings into their lives.
After the unveiling of the plaque and formal inauguration of the temporary court, Principal Chief Engineer-cum-Secretary, Buildings and Housing Department Shri R.B. Thapa presented the Technical Report.
He informed that the temporary court consists of two blocks, namely Block ‘A’ and Block ‘B’ and is being established in the “Sikkim Mining Corporation Complex” in approximately three acres of land by altering and renovating two quarters that were lying vacant.
The Main Court-cum-office is being housed in Block A which has a total plinth area of 2040 sq.ft. and will have the Office of the Civil Judge cum Judicial Magistrate, Main court room, Peshkar Room, Police Staff Room, Administration/Accounts Staff Room, Malkhana, Male/Female Hazat, Vulnerable Witness Room, Pantry and a Retiring Room.
The second Block or Block B has a total plinth area of 625 sq.ft. and will house the Bar Room, Library and a Canteen.
The total cost of the temporary court complex is to the tune of Rs. 49.02 lakhs and was taken up departmentally from the first week of January 2018.
The PCE-cum-Secretary further informed that the Proposal for a permanent court building along with a residential bungalow for the Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate has been prepared and is under active consideration of the Government of India.
Earlier the function began with welcome address by Mr Prajwal Khatiwada, District & Sessions Judge (North) at Mangan and District & Sessions Judge (incharge) East at Gangtok.
The function concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Mr Benoy Sharma, Chief Judicial Magistrate, East Sikkim (incharge).


Gangtok, April 29: (IPR) Shri Pawan Chamling is now the longest serving Chief Minister in the Country. The 5th term Chief Minister has surpassed the record of Former West Bengal Chief Minister Late Shri Jyoti Basu from today, the 29th of April, 2018.
Shri Pawan Chamling rose to power after he was unanimously elected as Chief Minister of the 22nd State of India on 12th December, 1994, when the party under his leadership won the State General elections. Since then, there has been no looking back. He is currently in his 5th term as the Chief Minister of Sikkim and is continuously rendering his service to the people of Sikkim.
Under the leadership of Shri Pawan Chamling, the Sikkim Democratic Front, a regional party, was born on 4th March, 1993, which earned the admiration and support of the people of Sikkim, and on 12th December, 1994, formed its own Government and Shri Chamling was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Sikkim. The party under his leadership won the elections for five consecutive terms and Shri Pawan Chamling completed a record 23 years, four months and 17 days in office as the Chief Minister of the 22nd State of the Indian Union. The record term as Chief Minister of the State testifies the commitment, sincerity, good governance and pro-people policies and humility with which he has been serving the people of Sikkim over the years.
Today, the name Pawan Chamling has become synonymous with inclusive and sustainable development, path-breaking environmental initiatives, world leadership in Organic agriculture and the architect of one of the most progressive states of the country.
Thousands of people queued up at the official residence of the Chief Minister at Mintogang from early morning to congratulate the leader for achieving the unique feat. Among the people who met him were Speaker, Cabinet Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Mayor, Panchayat Adyakshas and Upadhyakshas, Chief Secretary, senior officers of the State Government, party functionaries, and people from all walks of live. The Chief Minister greeted everybody individually and accepted their best wishes.
Speaking to the media, Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling recorded his gratitude to his parents for having nurtured him and for making him capable to consistently serve the people of Sikkim. He shared that he learnt the basic tenets of humility and service from his parents. “By the time I was a youth, I had started believing that I have to live my life for the service of others,” he added. He thus started participating in social work before entering active politics, he informed. “From the very beginning, my political ideology was based on inclusive development, equality, freedom, and right for all,” he stated.
He went on to share the journey of his political career from being a Panchayat President to this day, when he has become the longest serving Chief Minister of a State in the Indian Union. He shared that he and the party he leads have never once deviated from the promises and commitment made to the people in the very beginning. “Our politics is not driven by personal ambition but by the agenda of the people. It is our commitment and endeavour to ensure that the people of Sikkim of all socio-economic strata are empowered and self reliant,” stated Shri Chamling.
“After serving the people of Sikkim for over 23 years, I am still energetic, positive and motivated to give my best. I don’t do politics for myself, I have no personal ambition, rather I am totally surrendered to serving the people. That is where I get my strength and motivation from,” stated the Chief Minister.
“I thank the people of Sikkim because of whom I am here today, I thank the Central Government for their continued support and coordination, I thank the members of the media for putting our programs and policies across to the people, I thank my family for having supported me all through my journey, and above all I thank my parents who are my closest God. I hold my parents in the highest esteem and whenever I make a promise or commitment to the people, I feel I am making the promise to my parents, and thus never fail to keep them.”
“I feel I should use the Chief Minister’s post as a medium for development. Although a lot has been achieved over the years and I am quite a contended person, there is still so much I want to give to the people of Sikkim,” he stated. He drew a comparison of Sikkim in the last forty years and how it has been transformed into one of the most progressive states in the country. He reiterated that among several contributions of Sikkim to the nation and the world, peace and security stand out as the biggest contribution. The whole world is dealing with issues of violence and insecurity, and here we have a State surrounded by three international borders and is yet the most peaceful State in the country. This is an incredible feat achieved by our State and other States like Jammu & Kashmir and even the North Eastern States should emulate from Sikkim”, he stated. He added that the country and its people should appreciate and acknowledge this contribution from Sikkim. He went on to add that the people of Sikkim merged into the Indian Union in 1975, and along with geographical integration, the people have emotionally integrated with the mainstream, and have always exhibited great patriotism towards the nation. There could not be a bigger contribution to nation building than this, he exclaimed.
Speaking about his future in active politics, Shri Chamling stated that he came to politics with a cause of the people, and added that he is completely at the disposal of the people. It is for the people to decide if I should continue serving them or I should step down, he added.
Responding to a question about challenges and threats in his political career, Shri Chamling quipped that he sees no political party as a threat and that he is fearless. He added that with years of experience in the service of the people of Sikkim, he does not see any situation as a challenge anymore. I am driven by my one-point program that is to make the people of Sikkim happy and self reliant, he added.
Delving on the issue of seat reservation for the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, the Chief Minister explained that the present formula proposed by the State Government of increasing the Seats to forty (40) is in the best interest of the people of Sikkim and is democratically correct. He iterated that the proposal has received in-principal approval by the Central Government and could receive the President’s Ordinance or passed by the Parliament in near future.
Chief Minister Shri Chamling further stated that the people of Sikkim should understand that politics is a responsible work and there should be adequate debate, discussion and opinion making to understand the truth. People are supreme and should exercise their discrimination and use their consciousness to decide what is right or wrong. They should not be disillusioned and misguided.
Terming his politics as humanity based, he reiterated his vision of developing the intellectual level of the people, and make Sikkim a balanced society. He added that the Sikkim of today is free from all the issues that are plaguing the rest of the world namely extreme poverty, no shelter/homes, death of policemen while on duty, communal violence, and children deprived of education. Sikkim is today a civilized, inclusive and forward-looking State, he added. My foremost priority now is human development along with qualitative infrastructure development. Speaking about Gorkha identity, he stated that the people should realize their true potential and be able to compete in this knowledge driven world. They should free themselves from feeling of inferiority and should exercise their democratic rights. We are still stuck in the limited identity as courageous warriors in the battlefield. We have to change that perception and equip ourselves to compete at par with the rest of the world, he stated.



Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling and Smt Tika Maya Chamling have extended warm greetings and best wishes to the people of Sikkim on the auspicious occasion of the festival of Sakewa.

The Chief Minister in his message has said that Sakewa is one of the most significant cultural and religious festivals for the Kirat Khambu Rai community in Sikkim. Celebrated as homage to Mother Earth, it commences by performing Bhumi Puja, followed by community dances and other rituals. The entire State comes alive during the colourful festivities of Sakewa with sounds of drums and cymbals reverberating in the air, and people all over the State indulge in merry making and celebrations.

“The Kirat Rai people are believed to be one of the most ancient people of the Himalayan region. They are said to be nature worshippers and this tradition of offering reverence to nature gods, praying for the well-being of all living creatures around the world, has been existing since ancient times.”

The Chief Minister has further said that the nine- day long festival begins on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Baisakh,which mostly falls between April and May. The celebrations mark the beginning of the new farming year and start off on a big ground or a hill top with the Mangpa (male priest) or Mangma (female priest) performing puja of the soil, followed by various other religious rituals and community feasts. After celebrations on the ground are over, people move to their homes and perform holistic rites for their fore-fathers, offering food grains, millets and ginger to a fire lit in the hearth. The celebrations continue for nine days, with the last day being the day of sowing seeds in the fields.

“A ceremonial puja of earth, also known as Bhumi Puja followed by rituals and offering obeisance to Lord Kubera, the Hindu god of food and wealth, is one of the major highlights of Sakewa. The festivities remain incomplete without the traditional Silis(community dance form with different postures depicting behaviour of birds and animals); amongst them the most popular is theSakewa Sili dance, which is performed by the community women as their prayer to Mother Earth to aid in reaping good harvests during the year.”

“I offer my greetings and best wishes to all my fellow Sikkimese people on this special occasion and pray that the festival strengthens mutual love, harmony and unity among all,” stated the Chief Minister in his message.



On the auspicious occasion of Sakewa, Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Shri Shriniwas Patil and First Lady Smt. Rajanidevi Patil extend heartiest greetings and best wishes to the people of Sikkim.
Hon’ble Govenor said, “Sakewa symbolises the worship of Mother Nature as the supreme deity and source of life for all living beings. Sikkim since ancient times has the tradition to worship mother nature and live in harmony duly preserving every aspects of nature and environment. The way of living that we exemplify in Sikkim, may perhaps is the best way forward in the wake of dramatic change in weather pattern around the globe due to climate change.
Our rich tradition of worship and reverence of nature has become all the more logical and meaningful which should be promoted extensively for sustenance and prosperity of mankind. The wisdom that our ancestors intended to pass on to the subsequent generations through the festival of Sakewa should be assimilated through scientific reasoning by nature lovers from world over.
On this occasion, let us all pray and commit to the conservation of mother nature for the well being of all sentient beings. May our rich tradition inspire one and all to work for the sake of mother nature and our future generations.”

मुख्यमन्त्रीलाई बधाई एवम् शुभकामना

सबैभन्दा लामो समयसम्म मुख्यमन्त्रीको पदमा रहेर माननीय मुख्यमन्त्री श्रीमान पवन चामलिङले देशमै रेकर्ड कायम राख्नुभएको छ। उहाँलाई यस सफलताको निम्ति सूचना एवम् जनसम्पर्क विभाग बधाई एवम् शुभकामना साथै उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतिको कामना व्यक्त गर्दछ। मुख्यमन्त्री श्रीमान चामलिङले पश्चिम बङ्गालका पूर्व मुख्यमन्त्री स्व. ज्योति बासुको रेकर्डलाई तोड्दै यो रेकर्ड कायम राख्नुभएको हो।

उहाँको नेतृत्वमा 4 मार्च 1993-मा खोलिएको सिक्किम प्रजातान्त्रिक मोर्चा नामक क्षेत्रीय पार्टीले लगत्तै एक वर्ष पछि अर्थात 12 दिसम्बर 1994-मा गणतान्त्रिक राज्य सिक्किममा सरकार बनाउन सफल भयो। यस पार्टीबाट मुख्यमन्त्री बन्नुभएका श्रीमान पवन चामलिङको कुशल नेतृत्व अनि जनमैत्री भावनाकै कारण आज पर्यन्त सिक्किमे जनताले आफ्ना लोकप्रिय नेताको रूपमा उहाँलाई स्वीकार्दै आइरहेका छन्। उहाँ 23 वर्ष चार महिना 17 दिन अघिदेखि राज्यमा मुख्यमन्त्रीको पदमा विराजमान हुनुहुन्छ।

जनताका सेवकको रूपमा रहेर निम्न स्तरसम्म आधारभूत सुविधाहरू उपलब्ध गराउँदै राज्यवासीको सपना भएर बाँचिरहेका मुख्यमन्त्री चामलिङलाई आज देशमा मात्र नभएर सारा विश्वले एक कुशल नेताको रूपमा पहिचान गरिसकेको छ। उहाँको जैविक अभियानका कारण पूर्ण जैविक राज्य बनेको सिक्किमको सुनाम देश लगायत विश्वभरि फैलिएको छ।

सूचना एवम् जनसम्पर्क विभाग

सिक्किम सरकार

A Monsoon Preparedness Cum Inter- Departmental Coordination meeting

Gayzing, April 27 : (IPR) A Monsoon Preparedness Cum Inter- Departmental Coordination meeting was held at the West District Zilla Panchayat Assembly hall today.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate Mr. A.B Karki. Presiding over the consultations, Collector chalked out the role of each department and the arrangements to be made to meet emergencies.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Tenzing Loden Lepcha (SP), West, Mr. K.L. Lepcha (ADC), West, Mr. Surat Gurung (ADC/DEV), Dr. Thinlay Wongyal (CMO), Mr. Saran Pradhan (DPO) Zilla, Mr. Pempa Sherpa (DPO/EOC) and all Heads of the Departments.