​​​​​​In the interest of Public by:
​​​​​​HC,HS & FW Department,
​​​​​​Government of Sikkim

The Health Department on Thursday issued an Advisory and said that there was minimal possibility of Human Nipah virus (NIV) NIV in Sikkim but people needs to take precaution. The Health Department issued the advisory in aftermath of NIV outbreak in south India state of Kerala that claimed 12 lives so far including a nurse.

The symptoms of the virus include fever, headache, vomiting and fainting. Some may show symptoms of epilepsy. The symptoms may last for 10-12 days followed by unconsciousness and death as a result of brain fever.

The virus spreads from infected bats to animals through bites and from animal to other animal through body fluids and from human to human through body fluids.

It is advised to the general public:
• Not to eat fruits and vegetables bitten by birds, bats and animals.
• Wash hand properly after contacting infected person.
• Monitor fever cases with history of travel to affected areas i.e. Kerala

Since Human Nipah virus (NIV) virus is restricted to two districts of Kerala and there is no travel restriction imposed. There is no restriction for eating clean fruits after washing. Also the Department states that there is no need to panic.

The Union Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, made a visit to the Eklavya Model Residential Schools

Mangan, 19th May 2018 (IPR): The Union Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Smt Leena Nair today made a visit to the Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) at Swayem in North Sikkim. She was accompanied by the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs Shri Rajesh Agarwal and Director ICDS, Government of Sikkim. The District Collector, North Shri Karma R Bonpo, Joint Director, Social Welfare, Principal EMRS, Panchayats of Namok Syawem GPU and SMC members received the visiting dignitaries at the school.
The Secretary expressed her satisfaction with regard to the education being imparted in the school. In an interactive session held with the school teacher and students, she heard the experiences and problems of the students. She also promised that all help will be rendered by the Central Government with regard to up-gradation of the infrastructure of the school. During the program, the District Collector North stated that there was requirement of a multipurpose Auditorium, Sports Stadium, science labs and additional hostel for school. The Secretary promised to look favourably into the demands and also directed that the Project Proposals for the same be sent to the Ministry through the State Government. The Secretary stated that there was need to implement water harvesting in the schools and she also spoke on gender equality.
The Principal EMRS gave a brief report on the enrolment and education achievement of the school. He stated that school started in 2008 had its first AISSCE batch in 2013. From the current session the school has been upgraded to Senior Secondary School with Science and Humanities stream. The Current enrolment was around 331 with 175 girls and 156 boys and stated the school was consistently producing good results in the board exams.
A cultural program displaying dances of the various tribal communities in the district was also presented to the visiting dignitaries.