Second round training for North District

Mangan, 18 March (IPR): Second round training for Sector Magistrate (SM), Sector Police Officer (SPO), Assistant Expenditure Observer (AEO), Flying Squads Team (FST), Static Surveillance Team (SST), Video Surveillance Team (VST), Video Viewing Team (VVT) and Accounting Team of North District was conducted at the conference hall of District Administrative Center, North, today.
The training was conducted in the presence of Shri Ravi Patel, Railway and Account Services who is the Expenditure Observer of North District. He was accompanied by District Magistrate cum Returning Officer (RO), Shri Raj K Yadav and Superintendent of Police, North, Shri Kunzang Dorjee Sangdarpa.
National Level Master Trainer cum Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Kabi, Shri Mahesh Sharma trained to the SM, SPO, AEO, FST, SST, VST, VVT and Accounting Team on different issue related to election procedure. He also explained in detail about the duties and responsibilities of all extended teams those who are engaged in election.
He made clear about the expenditure of the candidate who is contesting in Assembly Constituency and Parliamentary Constituency. Candidate who is contesting for Assembly Constituency and Parliamentary Constituency should not exceed his or her expenditure as stipulated in guideline of Election Commission of India (ECI).
Talking on C-VIGIL Application he emphasized to make use of the said application to the participants for fast and effective communication during the course of election.
He informed that if any voter forgets to take his or her EPIC card along with them on polling day at the time he or she can cast vote by verifying their name in voter list and by producing the following alternate documents viz. Passport, Driving License, Service Identity Card, Service Identity Cards with photograph issued to employees Central/State Govt./Public Limited Companies, Passbooks with photograph issued by Bank/Post Office, PAN Card, Smart Card issued by RGI under NPR, MNREGA Job Card, Health Insurance Smart Card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour, Pension document with photograph, Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs, and Adhaar Card.

North District Election Office successfully conducted the first randomization of Electronic Voting Machines and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail

Mangan, March 18 (IPR): In compliance with directions of the Election Commission of India (ECI), the North District Election Office successfully conducted first randomization of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) in the presence of District Magistrate-cum-District Election Officer, Shri Raj K Yadav, SDM (HQ) Mangan, Shri Samdup Bhutia, officials of the Election Department and District NIC and representatives of all political parties of the district, today here at chamber of the District Collector.
Whole process of first randomization was carried out through ‘Election Management System’ (EMS) software with an aim to rule out any fix location of the electronic voting machines. Earlier, DEO explained in detail about the first randomization process and EMS software to the representatives of the political parties.
Thereafter, Electronic Voting Machines located at strong room, Zilla Bhawan, Pentok was shifted to newly constructed strong room at District Administrative Centre premises in the presence of all political parties. Entire shifting process was supervised by the SDM of Mangan, Kabi and Dzongu and escorted by the police personnel.
Later on, all EVM were physically segregated as per the first randomization sheet and kept aside assembly constituency/assembly segment wise at new strong room in the presence of the representatives of all political parties and other authorized governmental officials. Entry to the strong is restricted and guarded by the police personnel 24×7.

Press Release From the Office of the DEO West, Shri. Karma R. Bonpo

Gyalshing, 18th March, 2019 (IPR): The DEO informed that the Nomination process has begun from 18-03-2019 at the Office of the District Collector, DAC Rabdentse. He informed that during the filling of Nominations only 3 Vehicles of the Candidate are allowed within 100 meters periphery of the DAC compound.
He also informed that the Candidates and four extra person are allowed in the Returning Officer’s Office. A single window has been setup for candidates to collect their nomination form and other documents with regard to elections. Further, the RO informed that State Bank of Sikkim officials have has been briefed to facilitate the TDR deposit by candidates and give them the highest priority.
He also informed that the EVMs & VVPAT machines have been shifted from EVM & VVPAT Warehouse to Strong room at Kyongsa Girls Senior Secondary School and is being stored under maximum security. The area is under 24 by 7 CCTV surveillance and is being manned by CAPF.
The First Randomization would be done on 21-03-19 in front of all Political Parties as informed by the DEO West.

The first randomisation of Electronic Voting Machines and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail

Namchi, 18th March (IPR): The first randomisation of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPATs) was held at ware house at DAC in presence of DC cum RO South Mr Ragul K. representatives of political parties along with the elections officials today.

The entire process of randomisation was done through Election Management Software (EMS) as per the directions of the Election Commission of India. In this session, the RO informed the attendees about the procedure of randomisation of the EVMs and VVPATs thoroughly and updated that the EVMs and VVPATs will be allocated for each Assembly constituency, Assembly segment of Parliamentary constituency including Sangha and for reserve EVMs as well.

After the randomisation, the EVMs and VVPATs were shifted to the newly constructed strong room at Government Senior Secondary School Namchi and these have been kept separately for Assembly Constituency and Assembly segment wise. It may also be mentioned here that 9 strong rooms have been made for Assembly constituencies including Sangha and 8 strong rooms have been prepared for 8 Assembly segments of Parliamentary constituency. In addition, 24×7 adequate security measures has been made for the Strong Room where the machines are kept and is guarded by armed forces and fire emergency vehicles is also stationed at the Strong Room premises to avoid any untoward incidents. Further, CCTV cameras have been installed at different locations to monitor the movements.
In the south district, a total number 518 of EVMs and VVPATs are allocated to eight assembly Constituencies including Sangha and for Parliamentary constituency. In addition, RO informed the second and final round of randomisation will be held on the day of preparing EVMs for poll purpose.

Preparations ready for Nomination Filing Period from 18-25 March in East

Gangtok, 17 Mar (IPR): District Election Officer, East has informed that all preparations have been made for Nomination Filing Period from 18-25 March.

On days of filing nominations, only three vehicles of the candidates will be allowed within 100m periphery of the East District Administrative Centre, Sichey.

There will be strict vigilance by District Police on any unauthorized entry and only one door will be allowed for people to enter.

Further, only the candidate and a maximum of four persons shall be allowed to enter inside the Returning Officer’s Chamber.

The filing of nominations for AC. No. 17 to 22 can be done in Chamber of Shri Bharani Kumar/IAS, ADC/East, who is the Returning Officer for these constituencies.

Nominations for AC. No. 23 to 28, 32 Sangha and for Parliament can be done in Chamber of Kapil Meena/ IAS, District Collector/East who is the Returning Officer for these constituencies.

Further, in the morning of 18 March, the first Randomization of EVMs and VVPATs will be carried out in the EVM Software in the presence of political party representatives. This Randomization will be done at District Collectorate at 9 am sharp followed by opening of Warehouse at the CEO Office Building, Baluwakhani.

The warehouse opening will also be done in the presence of political parties and thereafter EVMs and VVPATs meant for Polling Purpose will be shifted to the venue for Strong Rooms at Brihaspati Parsai Senior Secondary School, Ranipool.

The Strong Rooms for each of the Assembly Constituencies will be separate and will be under 24 X 7 CCTV Coverage and Double Lock System.

Adequate Police Security will be kept at Strong Rooms complex after keeping EVMs and VVPATs which will continue till the Election process is over. Fire Safety and all other ECI directions in this regard will be followed at the Strong Rooms.

Diksha Audio Vision performs street play on voter awareness at Mangan Bazaar

Mangan, 17 Mar (IPR): M/S Diksha Audio Vision, Tibet Road, Gangtok performed street play on voter awareness at Mangan Bazaar today. The play was performed to generate awareness on election process like EVM & VVPAT machines, low vote cast, low female voter turn up, PwD voters and their facilities, etc., among public at large.

The skit was performed by the renowned artist, Mr. Timothy Rai, supported by seven other artists. According to ADC (Dev) Mangan-cum-Nodal Officer, SVEEP, Election Department, North, Shri K.R. Limboo, the street play successfully lingered on disseminating its message to the large number of gathering.

The programme was also attended by BLO, Mangan Bazaar, representatives of Election Department, Mangan, US (RMDD)-cum-Assistant Officer, SVEEP, Shri Hemant Khatiwara.

First Randomization of EVMs to be held on 18 March at North Zilla Bhawan

Mangan, 17 Mar (IPR): District Magistrate-cum-District Election Officer, Shri Raj K Yadav, called a press conference in his chamber today wherein he informed that the first Randomization of EVMs will be held on 18 March in the presence of all political parties at Zilla Bhawan as per the directions of Election Commission of India.

The entire process of randomization will be done through Election Management Software (EMS) and will be video graphed. After randomization all EVMs will be kept assembly constituency/assembly segment-wise. 

Thereafter, the EVMs located at Zilla Bhawan (NDZP) strong room will be shifted at newly constructed strong room at premises of the District Administration Centre, Mangan as per the direction of Election Commission of India.

The DEO informed that on 18 March after publication of notification of election by Election Commission of India, the notice of election will be issued by the Office of the District Collector, North; therefore all willing candidates are hereby informed that nomination papers can be collected with other related documents from the office of the District Collector, North.

Further, Only three numbers of vehicle in the convoy of the candidate or accompanying him are to be allowed to come within the periphery of 100 meters (main gate of District Administrative Centre) office of the Returning Officer, North. The maximum number of person who can be allowed to enter the office of returning officer at the time of filing nomination is to be limited to five (including candidate).

Further, Expenditure Observer, Shri Ravi Patel, Indian Railway and Account Service, is also arriving on 18 March in the district to monitor the progress and status of the preparedness of election and he may be contacted on 03592-234003 (landline) or 7586909224 (Mobile Phone) or one can meet him at North District Zilla Panchayat Guest House for any election issues.

Training conducted for Micro Observers appointed for the elections

Gangtok, 16 Mar (IPR) : In preparation for General Elections 2019, a training programme for Micro Observers appointed for the elections was conducted by Assistant Collector, Mr Rohan Agawane, at the Conference Hall of the District Collectorate, East, today.

Conducted in two batches with around 50 trainees, the training was conducted to equip them with their roles and responsibilities during the election process under the guidelines of the Election Commission of India.

Mr Agawane briefed the Micro Observers appointed for East District on their job profiles, election process and guidelines, instructions, polling materials like EVM, Electoral Rolls, etc.

During the training session, the Micro Observers were given hand-outs of instructions and guidelines and were familiarized with the election process through through videos and Power Point Presentations. They were also imparted with hands-on training for the EVMs and VVPATs.

Further, the District Election Officer/East informed that all preparations have been made for the Nomination Filing period starting from Monday. Adequate security arrangements are being made by District Police as per the instructions. All requirements for filing nominations have been notified at District Administrative Centre notice board and forms are made available at the chamber of Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/Gangtok from yesterday onwards .

2nd Round of Training for Presiding and Polling Officers concludes

Gyalshing, 16 Mar (IPR): The sixth and the final day of the 2nd round of training for the final batch of Presiding and Polling Officers 1 was successfully conducted at the Conference Hall of Zilla Panchayat Bhawan in Gyalshing and at the Conference Hall of SDM Office in Soreng simultaneously.

Master trainers for the training in Gyalshing were Shri Tushar G. Nikhare, SDM (HQ), Smt K.S.C. Tongden, DE Power, and Shri Santosh Alley, Senior Welfare Officer.

Similarly for Soreng, master trainers were Shri Himmat Rai, SDM Soreng and Shri Dilip Sharma, DCSO (West).

A total of 97 trainees were present at Gyalshing for the training and similarly at Soreng there were 36 trainees.

Significant facts outlining overall scenario in South district with regard to General Elections 2019

Namchi, 16 Mar (IPR): Some significant facts outlining the overall scenario with regards to General Elections 2019 to Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies in Sikkim, the particular details of South District is that there are a total of eight Assembly Constituencies namely 09 Barfung, 10 Poklok – Kamrang, 11 Namchi – Singhithang, 12 Melli, 13 Namthang – Rateypani, 14 Temi -Namphing, 15 Rangyang-Yangang, 16 Tumin-Lingi which is located in the South district.

According to the South Election Department, the total number of voters for male is 58122 and female is 56684 totaling to 114806 as compared to the total number of voters during the General Election in the year 2014 which was 100643. It may be mentioned here that a cumulative number of 53 polling stations has been identified as critical in the district.

District Election Officer (DEO), South, Mr. Ragul K., informed about the activities and development for the ensuing General Elections and said that the Notice of Election will be issued on 18th March 2019. He informed that the nomination papers are to be delivered by a candidate or his proposer to the office of the DEO at District Administrative Centre, Namchi at the given stipulated time and date. He also added that the candidates are to submit Affidavit, Form 26, Oath of Affirmation, SC/ST Certificate in case of candidates belonging to the SC/ST category, certified copy of Electoral Roll (ER) and passport sized photos for printing photos in ballot paper.

Further, the DEO stated that the candidate is required to open one separate Bank Account in his name or jointly with his election agent before filing nominations and this account number has to be intimated in writing to the DEOs Office while filing nomination.

The candidate is required to make a security deposit of Rs.10,000/-only in cash or in the form of TDR for contesting in an Assembly Constituency. A candidate belonging to SC/ST category is required to make a security deposit of only half the amount mentioned above.

Additionally, he informed that sample form are being distributed and the same can be collected from DAC, South.