Status report of Rangpo Screening Centre as on 31.5.2020

Total screened – 94

A) Paid Quarantine – 37

1. Teentaley Resort- 01
2. Summit Golden Crescent- 01
3. Sikkim Continental- 11
4. Four Square Holidays- 24

B) Free Quarantine – 50

1. Him. Pharmacy Boys Hostel- 03
2. Him. Pharmacy Girls Hostel- 01
3. ATTC, Bardang- 02
4. Paljor Stadium- 21
5. PNG School- 20
6. Rangpo Mining Facility- 03

C) Home Quarantine- 07

Cumulative number of persons screened till date: 2847.

How the South District Quarantine Centres are functioning

I had a very good time at the facility quarantine centre of Namchi Government College. The staff was polite and most importantly they gave us all the basic facilities like face mask, sanitizers, new buckets and the food was also up to the mark says 25 years old Tshering Tashi from Ravangla who was evacuated from Gujarat in view of the ongoing COVID-19 crises. He reached New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP)

railway station on 17th May in the morning hours, afterwhich he boarded a bus provided by Sikkim Nationalised Transport. He along with fellow passengers were given breakfast in the bus, entered Sikkim via Melli Checkpost and then was sent to Quarantine Facility at Namchi Government College after following the standard norms at Melli Screening Centre.

There has been many instances of inadequate facilities being provided in quarantine facility across the country, but the Administration of the South District has set an example by putting utmost efforts in transforming the quarantine facility into a lively and enjoyable place where people can stay for 14 days without any complaints.

Feedback Form at Quarantine Facility Centre for Computers and Communication Technology
(CCCT), Chisopani

Currently, the South District has a total of fourteen quarantine centres out of which nine are free and five are paid. Out of these centres, CCCT Chisopani centre under the guidance of the authorities has commenced on collecting feedback forms from the quarantined people. Till date, the authorities has received a total of 143 feedback out of the 152 discharged people. The most promising part of this feedback form is that people can document their feeling from day one of their quarantined period and can tick on the emojis or smileys, so that even a child can have an option to give the reaction. The form also includes food rating ranging from very bad, bad, ok, good to excellent accompanied with another column where the people can give their remarks. This feedback data is being collected for the authorities to function more efficiently in the future and also to make appropriate changes, if necessary.

Other quarantine facility is also utilising assessment techniques which is being collected from a number of quarantined people leaving the facility. Some people are submitting an essay and some are giving in a brief note on their experience. Similarly, 34 years old Bishal Rai from Namchi who was lodged at IHCAE, Chemchey Facility Quarantine from 8th May, he had completed his 14 days institutional quarantine period and shared his experience as one which was delightful. He appreciated the endeavour of the staff in this institute as they regularly checked upon the quarantined and more importantly their mental well- being was taken up as the top most priority. He added that if he had to assess then the quarantine centre of IHCAE, Chemchey will definitely be one of the best facility centre in South District. As a responsible citizen, he and his companion at the facility followed all the guidelines of COVID-19 which is to maintain social distancing and other standard regulation. However, he adds that musical performances by the frontline warriors and the staff of the centre was very impressive and kept the spirit alive amongst the quarantined people.

These kind of feedback approach can aid the authorities to look into the response of the quarantined individuals in a swift manner thereby allowing them to take decisions and adopt strategies that can help in combating the COVID-19 crises.

The State Government machinery alongwith frontline workers is following the Standard Operating Procedure in all of the quarantined centres. It maybe mentioned that Sikkim was one of the first state which acted in a swift manner during the pre stage of COVID-19 by compulsory screening of vehicles and people at the concerned check-posts from January onwards.