Asar 15th(Pandra) 2018 celebrated in the West District of Sikkim.

Geyzing 29 June, 2018 (IPR): On the auspicious occasion of Asar 15th(Pandra) 2018, planting of paddy saplings took place by the hands of Hon’ble District Collector West, Dr. A. B. Karki in the presence of Shri. Ashok Gurung, Up-Adhakshya, West District Zilla Panchayat and other officials.
The celebration took place at Karthok Pokhari thus marking the commencement of rice cultivation in agrarian community of Sikkim hills and engulfing the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s vision of being self-sufficient in the near future. Active participation of the District Magistrate along with other officials and members of the village community was seen during the entire celebration.
Similar events were seen to be celebrated in the West District of Sikkim.