HPV vaccination campaign commences in North district

Mangan, 24 Apr (IPR): Inaugural programme of Human Papilloma Virus vaccination campaign for North district took place at Girls Senior Secondary School, Mangan today in the presence of Joint Director, Human Resource Development Department, North, Smt Deelak Pradhan, as chief guest.

The vaccination was overseen by doctors from District Hospital, Mangan including Dr. D.C. Sharma (CMO/N), Dr. P.K. Basnet (DRCHO) and Dr. Roshana Bhumzan. Also present during the inaugural session were Smt Mamta Rani Rai (School Principal), school faculties and students.

At the outset of the programme, Smt Pradhan cut the ribbon of vaccine box and promoted the vaccine and immunization card, followed by offering of Khadas to the chief guest, doctors and Principal of Mangan GSSS as a token of hospitality.

Principal, GSSS, Mangan, Smt Mamta Rani Rai, in her welcome address, spoke on the importance and awareness on HPV vaccine. She informed that HPV/infection is main cause of cervical cancer and genital warts, therefore it is very important to get HPV vaccine at right age.

The inaugural vaccination programme saw 38 girl students who were given 2nd dose of HPV vaccine while the 1st dose has already been completed on August 2018.

On 24 April, six schools were selected for HPV vaccination. The names of these schools are: Mangan Girl’s Senior Secondary School, Mangan; Kalzang Gyatso Secondary School, Kabi; Dream Valley Academy; Chungthang Secondary School; Sonam Choda Senior Secondary School, Lingdong; and Ralak Junior High School.

The schedule for HPV vaccination campaign in various schools in the North district is as under :-

25.04.2019 – (Thursday)

  1. Mangan Secondary School
  2. Phansong Secondary School
  3. Phamtam Junior High School
  4. Dikchu Senior Secondary School
  5. Naga Secondary School
  6. Hee Gyathang Senior Secondary School
  7. Lingzya Secondary School


  1. Ringhim Secondary School, Nampatam, PS
  2. Rangrang Junior High School
  3. Thingchim Secondary School
  4. JNV School, Phodong
  5. Shipgyer/Saffo
  6. Timvong SS, Namprik JHS, Lingko PS
  7. Sandong JHS, Phidang PS


  1. Phodong Secondary School
  2. Lachen Secondary School
  3. Gor Senior Secondary School.


  1. St. Joseph Junior High School
  2. Namok School
  3. Lachung Secondary School
  4. Mangshilla Secondary School
  5. Lingthem Senior Secondary School


  1. Passingdang Senior Secondary School
  2. Noam Pry. School
  3. Lingdem Pry. School


  1. Singhik Senior Secondary School
  2. Eklavya Model Residetial School


  1. Pakshep JHS
  2. Manul Secondary School Naday/Meyong


  1. North Sikkim Academy and Little Flower School

Coordination meet of school heads under HRDD with District Collector, West

Gyalshing, 23 Apr (IPR): Co-ordination meeting of school heads from various schools under Human Resource Development Department with District Collector, West, Shri Karma R. Bonpo, was held at the Conference Hall of the Zilla Panchayat Bhawan today.

The DC, West chaired the meeting as chief guest along with Additional Director, HRDD, Mrs T. Eden Bhutia, Joint Director, HRDD, Mrs Karma Doma Bhutia, and Deputy Director, HRDD, Mr P.L. Subba.

The DC addressed the attendees firstly by briefing about the core motive of the meeting through which he wanted to understand the current scenario of education status of the district as well as to take good account of all the issues of various schools and education system of the district.

Further, while emphasising on improving the quality of education, he informed about the various present schemes through which if utilised efficiently than it can play a vital role in state building process.

He also asked them for going innovative equally instructing them to go through different categories of books. Enquiring further he informed about the Smart Class setup in the different schools and its benefits and also about Attal Tinkering Labs at the schools.

Later, it was also informed that Gyalshing BAC and DIET have planned to hold a ‘Book Donation Event’ on 27 April, 2019 at Gyalshing Bazaar and for coordination purpose a Facebook page namely ‘Book Donation Campaign 2019’ shall be opened for future donation events with motive of good book to be reached to the primary schools of extreme remote areas of the district.

Also present were Mr. Asap Dahal, AO; Mrs. Dichen Ongmu Bhutia, Coordinator Gyalshing BAC and Mr. Raju Bhandari, AD Gyalshing BAC, HRDD.

Sensitization programme on POCSO & JJ Acts organised in Mangan

Mangan, 23 Apr (IPR): Day-long district level sensitization programme for stakeholders on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 and Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act, 2015 was organized by the District Child Protection Unit (North) in association with Integrated Child Protection Scheme, Social Justice Empowerment & Welfare Department at the conference hall of North Zilla Panchayat Bhawan today.

The programme was conducted in the presence of District Magistrate, North, Shri Raj Yadav, Superintendent of Police, North, Shri Kunzang D. Shangdarpa, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Smt Mingma Doma Bhutia, District Child Protection Officer, North, Smt Wendy M. Lepcha, Principals, Vice Principals, head of schools, teachers and local dignitaries of the district.

District Child Protection Officer, North, Smt Lepcha, elucidating the POCSO Act, 2012 to the stakeholders, stated that the head of the schools and their faculty has a vital responsibility on the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences as they can understand the children’s nature in a better way. The teachers play a vital role in tackling child sexual abuse by observing and asking the children who are behaving in an unusual manner.

Further, she urged the stakeholders to extend their cooperation and join hands on combating child abuse.

Smt Lepcha termed child abuse as a societal disease. It is said that 95% of people who commit such crime against children are their close relatives who are trusted by the children. She informed any form of sexual abuse against children can be reported to the nearest Police station or they can also make a call on 1098 (Toll Free) which is available 24/7.

Victims can now use email to report sexual harassment against them at www.ncpcr.gov.in a website dedicated to prevent child sexual abuse.

The DCPO briefed the responsibilities of the media to make sure that the identity of victim of child who has been sexually abused must not be revealed. Similarly, she also sensitized JJ Act, 2015 to the stakeholders.

Superintendent of Police, North, Shri Shangdarpa, informed the house that recently two POCSO cases have been registered in the district. Such cases are being reported at an alarming rate in the State, he added.

District Magistrate, Shri Yadav, appreciated the programme and urged the house to join hands to combat such societal evil. He also informed that the District Administrative Centre, North will initiate programmes such as Field Friday, Best School Award, Revision of Basic Learning and District Evaluation of Schools from the month of June.

Exchange of postal ballots conducted at Singtam Police Station

Gangtok, 22 Apr (IPR): As per guidelines of Election Commission of India, exchange of postal ballots of Sikkim Parliamentary Constituency and all 32 Assembly Constituencies (including Sangha) took place at Singtam Police Station today in the presence of representatives of contesting candidates.

Postal ballots were brought to Singtam Police Station under the supervision of Nodal Officers for postal ballots of all four districts.

Special arrangements were made for government employees who were engaged in polling duty as they casted their votes through postal ballots which were received in the concerned office of the District Election Officers of all four districts.

All exchanged ballot papers of concerned constituencies were taken back to designated strong rooms in district headquarters which will be kept under 24X7 security vigil.

Casting happened till poll day and now postal ballots are being received only through post which will continue till the start of counting process on 23rd May, 2019.

West Sikkim’s postal ballot segregated, sent to respective districts

Gyalshing, 22 Apr (IPR) : The strong room for postal ballot papers situated at the Control Room in Kyongsa, West Sikkim was opened today at 9:00 am in the presence of Returning Officer, Shri Karma R. Bonpo, Additional District Collector, West, Shri Karma L. Lepcha, and representatives of all political parties.

The postal ballots were segregated district-wise and sent to the concerned Returning Officers along with Police protection.

At 3:00 pm, statement regarding postal ballot received by post was also segregated constituency-wise and locked in the strong room in the presence of the RO and representatives of political parties along with video and photo evidence.

HPV vaccination to commence in North district from 24 April

Mangan, 22 Apr (IPR): North Sikkim is all set for immunization on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination to girls aged 9-14 years in the district from 24-30 April.

In this connection, a meeting was held at the chamber of District Magistrate today which was attended by the DM, North, Shri Raj Yadav, Joint Director, Human Resource Development Department, Smt Deelak Pradhan, Chief Medical Officer, North, Dr. D.C. Sharma, District Reproductive Child Health Officer, North, Dr. P.K. Basnet, and other concerned officers.

It was informed that the inaugural programme of the said vaccination will take place at Mangan Girls Secondary School on 24 April and will cover the entire district till 30 April.

Human Papilloma Virus vaccines are vaccines that prevent infection by certain types of Human Papilloma Virus. Available vaccines protect against either two, four, or nine types of HPV. All vaccines protect against at least HPV type 16 and 18 that cause the greatest risk of cervical cancer.

From District Election Officer-cum-Returning Officer, West, Shri Karma R. Bonpo

Gyalshing, 13 Apr (IPR): District Election Officer cum Returning Officer, West, Shri Karma R. Bonpo, informed about the storage of the Polled EVMs/VVPATs and security arrangements for the polled EVMs/VVPATs.

The Returning Officer informed that all the polled EVMs/VVPATs have been stored in the strong rooms located at Government Girl Senior Secondary Schools.

The EVMs/VVPATs of each assembly constituency has been stored in their respective strong rooms. The EVMs/VVPATs strong room was sealed in the presence of the General Observor Shri Faisal Aftab and representative of the political parties after the polls.

The entire strong room is under 24×7 CCTV coverage and a three tier security system has been provided for the security of the strong rooms. The inner tier of the strong room is being guarded by 1 platoon of Central Armed Police Force, the middle tier is being guarded by 1 platoon of IRBn and the outer tier is being guarded by the State Police.

The security arrangements have been done as per the ECI guidelines and Superintendent of Police West, Shri Tenzing Loden Lepcha, is monitoring the arrangements on a daily basis.

The Returning Officer has also informed that a room has been provided for representatives of Political parties to stay and keep a watch over the activities near the strong room. A CCTV monitor has been installed in the room for the representatives to keep a watch over the strong room.

He also informed that reserve EVMs/VVPATs has been kept in a new EVM Warehouse at Kyongsa. The list of EVMs/VVPATs used polling stations wise has been provided to the political parties and list of EVMs/VVPATs replaced on poll days has been provided to the political parties.

Press Release From District Election Officer-cum-Returning Officer, North, Shri Raj Yadav

Mangan, 13 Apr (IPR): District Election Officer-cum-Returning officer, North District, Shri Raj Yadav, IAS has informed about the security arrangements made for Strong room as per the ECI directions in a press release today.

He informed that as per ECI directions category A & B EVMs (Polled EVMs and Defective polled EVMs) have been stored at New Strong room, District Administrative Centre, Mangan, likewise Category C & D EVMs (Unused defective and reserved) have been shifted to old strong room, Zilla Bhawan, Mangan to avoid any confusion in presence of all political parties on 11th April itself after receiving from polling parties.

Further, all other Election related material has been sealed in old strong room after scrutiny on 12th April in the presence of representatives of all political parties.

He informed that both Strong rooms have CCTV cameras and CAPF to guard as per ECI instructions. At New Strong room, DAC Mangan Four rooms have been identified for Political parties to stay and to keep watch, if they want with display of all CCTVs coverage with proper power back up. Proper lighting and barricading have been ensured at New Strong room.

Security arrangements have been checked by General observers and all political parties and all found satisfactory as per norms.

Press Release from the Office of the District Election Officer, East, Shri Kapil Meena

Gangtok, 12 Apr (IPR): District Election Officer and Returning Officer of East District, Mr Kapil Meena, has informed all the General Public that during the entire polling process, all rules and guideline of Election Commission have been followed scrupulously to ensure full transparency as well as free and fair elections.

He has stated that there cannot be any ground for any doubts on the full proof authentication procedures as prescribed by Election Commission of India. It came to the knowledge that some political party supporters flagged issue of reserve/un-used EVMs/VVPATs being transported yesterday on Social Media.

It is hereby to inform all that as per Election Commission of India rules only polled EVMs and VVPATs are kept inside Sealed Strong Rooms and all other reserve/extra/un-used or defective un-polled machines are required to be kept at different place in designated warehouse. Hence the plan to transport un-polled machines was as per the ECI rules and was all verified as per the list of machines of different categories.

Further, an issue of Route discussion and allegation of tampering with machine was made against one polling party of Upper Burtuk in late night and team was forced to wait for three hours on the way by some people. The issue was later resolved amicably on interaction by District Administration and Security agencies. Once the polling party arrived at reception centre, all seals were checked and no tampering or irregularities were found.

Accordingly in both cases all political party representatives were briefed in detail and they were fully satisfied. Even these explanations were videographed and General Observers were briefed on the issues.

The DEO has requested all general public to not believe in any rumours about poll process tampering or any possibilities of manipulation in machines which is an impossible and unthinkable thing. He has stated that our District Election team has always worked hard as per the Election Commission of India guidelines which was followed in all processes.

All EVMs/VVPATs are numbered uniquely and the same is checked in every stage to ensure that there are no manipulation or mistakes. Everyone needs to be assured that all due process have been followed and issue raised have been resolved to the full satisfaction of concern parties. All contesting candidates have been provided with list of Commissioned EVMs and those used in Polling on the Poll day which cannot be altered.

The DEO denies allegation if any of attempts of deviations or malpractices during entire process till now and reiterates that it has been ensured that polls are totally transparent, free, fair and in accordance with Election Commission of India’s idea of democratic elections.

South District goes to exercise their franchise

Namchi, 12 Apr (IPR): Voting for the eight Assembly Constituencies and Assembly segments of Parliamentary Constituency and Sangha started on a high note in various polling stations of South District as people turned out in huge numbers to exercise their franchise today. South District has a total number of 11,7564 voters out of which 5,9359 are male and 58205 are female voters.

The first Polling team to arrive in the Control Room after successfully conducting the polling for General Elections 2019 from South District was the team stationed at Salleybong Junior High School Polling Station under 11 Namchi Singhithang Constituency while the last team to arrive at the Control room was the polling team from Tumin Secondary school under 16-Tumin Lingi constituency.

Similarly the first women polling team to arrive was the team from Namchi Senior Secondary School Room No.2 followed by the polling team of New Secondary School Room No.2 under 11-Namchi Singhithang constituency. The polling teams handed the Polled EVMs and VVPATs along with other polling materials to the concerned officials in the Control room at Namchi Senior Secondary School auditorium.

The Polling Station with the lowest number of voters in Sikkim falls under South District. The polling station is Community Hall at Pakzer under 10 Poklok- Kamrang Assembly Constituency with 175 voters.

Similarly, the Polling Station with the highest number of voters in South district is Kewzing Senior Secondary School at Barfung B under 09 Barfung Assembly Constituency with a total of 1273 voters.

A total of 30 number of Polling Station has been identified as critical Polling Stations in the district.