A Special Handloom Expo 2017-18 organized by the Sikkim Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd

Namchi, 6th March (IPR): A Special Handloom Expo 2017-18 organized by the Sikkim Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd, Government of Sikkim is underway at Courtyard premises of Namchi Community Hall. The Special Handloom Expo 2017-18 is under the aegis of National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP) and is sponsored by the office of the Development Commissioner (Handloom), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India and Government of Sikkim.

The Expo was inaugurated by Advisor, Power and Energy Department Mr. Gangan Rai also present were Director- Directorate of Handicrafts & Handloom Ms. Jyotsna M. Kartak, Joint Director Marketing Mr. Karma S. Bhutia, Deputy Director (South) Ms. Pramila Rai and officials from the Handloom & Handicraft department alongside HoDs from various departments of South District.

The Chief Guest Mr. Gagan Rai visited the various stalls put up at the expo, observed live demonstration of handloom weaving and also took a brief tour of the theme pavilion displaying different handloom products from various parts of Sikkim.

The expo has a total number of 30 stalls allocated to various weavers, sellers, SHG and Cooperative Societies from Manipur, Ladakh, Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Sikkim. The aim of this Expo is to provide a platform for weavers, sellers and buyers to converge and create awareness to the handloom sector as an employment and income generation industry. Additionally, the Governments vision and policy of creating a sustainable cottage industry in every home and village is disseminated in a proactive manner by the concerned officials to the participants and the public visiting the expo. It may be also be mentioned here that the expo will continue till 21st March.

First fixed wing aircraft of IAF Dornier 228 successfully landed

Pakyong, March 5:(IPR) First fixed wing aircraft of IAF Dornier 228(19 seater) successfully landed at Pakyong today.

The Chief Secretary, Shri A.K.Shrivastava said, ” This is a historic day for the state of Sikkim when the Dornier 228 aircraft (19 seater) landed successfully at 3:25 pm at Pakyong Airport today. This was possible after several attempts over the last few days and the aircraft came from Guwahati.
Another flight by the same aircraft will be possible in about ten days time. The aircraft came close to ATC and it was learnt that all the systems were working well. One flight of Spice Jet is expected to land on 10th March 2018. This 70 seater plane is likely to bring high ranking officials of AAI and DGCA. Attempts are also being made from May 2000 to construct a Civilian Aerodrome in Sikkim so the landing of date assumes immense significance,” he added.

Airport Director, Shri Manjunatha R., Pakyong Airport stated, “after making several trial low pass over runway on 28th Feb, today IAF made-up all possibility to land though the visibility was not that clear. My entire team of AAI, Pakyong has made it succefull with the help of district authorities. This is the beginning of aviation connectivity for Sikkim and I thank all help and support being extended by Ministry & district authorities for this success.”

Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies(ABC&AR) Camp

21 Feb Mangan(IPR): Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies(ABC&AR) camp was conducted by SARAH(Sikkim Anti Rabies and Animal Health) w.e.f 8th to 19th February at North Sikkim. The stray dogs were caught from surrounding areas of Mangan , several villages of the District and were sterilized and vaccinated against Rabies and also de-wormed. A total nos. of 268 dogs were sterilized and 303 dogs vaccinated.
The Government of Sikkim has recognized the importance of Animal Welfare activities and created SARAH division to reduce stray dog population by humane and sustainable means. SARAH is the first Government sanctioned initiative in the whole of India to implement the animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies programme.
Prior to its establishment authorities confronted with ever increasing stray canine population and rampant human and animal rabies deaths, resorted to mass bullet shooting .However despite such horrible and cruel practices the rabies and stray population was never under control. Now due to the dedicated efforts of the division , there has been a significant decline in both human and animal Rabies .
In 2006 The Department of AH&VS Govt. of Sikkim in conjunction with Sikkim Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals and International NGOs like the Brigitte Bardot Fondation, Vets Beyond Borders began implementing the State wide ABC and AR program. Due to the success and commitment of the stakeholders the Government of Sikkim on 22nd March 2009 created a separate division within the AH LF&VS department so that ABC/AR and other animal welfare works can be permanently implemented.
Since then the program has become a huge success and this in turn has a positive impact on Public health, Environment, wildlife and tourism in the State.
Dogs have not only remained Man’s best friend but they effectively prevent wild life intruders like bears monkeys Jackal and thus prevent a big disaster which often goes unnoticed. They also effectively control rats and other vermin thus preventing a potential disease transmission. Thus irresponsible pet ownership and abandoning of sick and unmanageable dogs in streets monasteries/temples, careless breeding , dumping of puppies in the streets to fend for themselves should be discouraged. As this, not only goes beyond the definition of “being humane” but also in turn impacts, community health , environment and Tourism.
The detail nos. of dogs operated for Animal Birth Control(ABC) and vaccinated against Rabies(ARV) during the camp held are as follows
8th feb :Mangan Town: 28 dogs
9th feb:Mangan Town: 49 dogs
10th Feb:Lingdong /Barfok /L.Dzongu :18 Dogs
11th Feb:Mangshilla/Namok :14 Dogs
13th Feb:Mangan Vet Hospital :18 dogs
14th Feb: Heegyathang :19dogs
15th Feb: Passingdong :26 dogs
16th Feb: Tinchim: 11 dogs
17th Feb: Mangshilla : 24 dogs
18th Feb: Namok/Swyem:21 Dogs
19th Feb: Lum l.Dongu: 15 Dogs
20th Feb: Mangan/Chadey:25 dogs

‘Partnership Agreement’

GANGTOK, February 18 (IPR): UNESCO MGIEP and the Human Resource Development Department(HRDD), Govt. of Sikkim signed a ‘Partnership Agreement’ for the project to embed concepts of Peace, Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in textbooks of core subjects for the schools of Sikkim.
The project will be implemented by State Council of Education, Research and Training (SCERT), HRDD, Sikkim and third party partnership with Ajim Premji University, Bangalore.
After signing agreement with UNESCO, Sikkim became the first state in the country to have school Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED).
Agreement was signed between Additional Chief Secretary, HRDD, Mr. G. P Upadhaya and UNESCO MGIEP Curricular Head, Miss, Yoko Mochizuki at a local hotel this evening.
As the world gears up to achieving SDGs, it was informed that the Embedding Project of UNESCO MGIEP will play a key role in supporting Member States’ efforts to achieve SDG 4.7 on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED). The project aims to embed concepts of peace, global citizenship and sustainable development in textbooks of core subjects especially Mathematics, Science, Language and Geography.
Additional Chief Secretary, Mr. G. P Upadhaya said, “Sikkim is the first state to enter into agreement with UNESCO. It a happy and a proud moment for Sikkim and HRDD to have Sustainable Development Goals incorporated in school curriculum from Classes I-V. We are grateful to state government and UNESCO for giving this opportunity. A total of 45 resources teachers are being trained for this project. This is this first time where we are training teachers for textbook writing scientifically and we are in the process to adopt and pass Sustainable Development Act. In terms of education it very important to have SDGs in school education for the future generation.”
He also said that education for peace, education for sustainable development (ESD), Global Citizenship Education (GCED), Global Learning, Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR), Human Rights Education etc have existed for a while and their significance is huge in the education sector. Embedding in core subjects puts the values and principles of sustainable development at the heart of education and contribute to achieving education ‘for’ sustainable development. Around 30 experts from around the world have produced a guidebook on embedding for textbook authors titled ‘Textbooks for Sustainable Development’. In its next phase, UNESCO MGIEP is partnering with textbook development agencies and governments to train textbook authors utilising the guidebook as a resource, it was informed.
Curricular Head, Miss. Yoko Mochizuki said, “it is a great learning journey for us in improving the education textbook system in Sikkim and we are looking forward to this opportunity in front of us.”
Director, SCERT Dr. Rabin Chettri informed that textbook from Class I-V will be ready from end of this December for pilot project.
The program was also attended by the officials of HRDD along with representatives from UNESCO MGIEP.



Nagpur, Feb 17: (IPR) The Dhara Vikas initiative of the Rural Management & Development Department, Government of Sikkim was widely appreciated at the ‘Bhujal Manthan’, a crucial two-day convention on ground water conservation, held at Kavivarya Suresh Bhat Auditorium of Nagpur. The Convention was inaugurated on Friday at the hands of Union Minister for Water Resources and Ganga Rejuvenation Shri Nitin Gadkari.

In his inaugural address, the Minister lauded the Dhara Vikas initiative of Sikkim as a model for other States to follow, and apprised the illustrious gathering that he had specially invited the state of Sikkim to showcase and explain its Dhara Vikas programme.

On behalf of the State of Sikkim, Additional Secretary cum PD MGNREGA, RMDD, Government of Sikkim, Mrs Sarika Pradhan shared the Dhara Vikas program of the State with the Convention today. Sikkim was also represented in the convention by Dr. Subhash Dhakal, OSD, RMDD.

While the officials and scientists of the different Water Resources Departments of the country got together to brainstorm on the increasingly scarce resource that ground water is becoming, the convention was also attended by three Union Ministers of State (MoS) and two Members of Parliament.

The two-day Convention came to a conclusion today.

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayee Yojana

Dzongu, 15th Feb 2018(IPR): A field visit to Noom Panang village was done by the District Collector, North Shri Karma R Bonpo, IAS. The District Collector was accompanied by the Addl Director, AHLF&VS, MD North Sikkim Milk Union, BDO Dzongu, Dy Director Horticulture, DIO North, AE Roads & Bridges, AE Irrigation, AE Agriculture and various field staff.
Noom Panang is a remote village located in Passingdang Saffo GPU and the team had to trek for an hour to reach the village from Lingthem. A ward Sabha was organized and during the Sabha an interaction with the district officials was held.
The village of Noom Panang is currently one of few vegetable clusters in the district and is currently producing vegetables which are sent to Gangtok. The local people evinced keen interest to produce vegetables on a large scale as per the organic mission of the Government of Sikkim. However due to the shortage of water in the village the vegetable production was being hampered. The village does not have any road connectivity and the people stated that it lead to huge transportation costs which eats their profit margins. The people therefore demanded that road connectivity and water supply works be taken up on priority to give further fillip to the organic production. The people stated that in order to take up dairy farming a stockman centre at Passingdang was required.
The District Collector North stated that the water supply for irrigation will be taken up under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayee Yojana (PMKSY) and the work will be taken up shortly by the Agriculture Department. The District Collector North directed the Assistant Engineer, Roads & Bridges to take up the preparation for DPR for road connectivity. Further the District Collector appealed to the villagers to revive the co-operative societies and set up milk collection centre. He said the villages should also focus on dairy farming for livelihood generation and to aid the organic mission in the villages. The district Collector promised that all help will be extended by the district administration for getting loans for dairy farming under Diary Entrepreneurship Development Scheme of NABARD. The District Collector also visited the ICDS Centers and the Primary school of the villages. He said the necessary repairs of these centers will be undertaken.
The Local Public heartily welcomed the team and were delighted to have the team in the villages. They further stated that they will readily work with the district administration in making the organic mission of the State Government a big success.


It is for information of all the Homestay operators/owners
( private and Government) that Tourism and
Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim is organizing one day Training Programme in all the four district as per the Schedule given below.:
East District : 6 th march 2018 at Paryatan Bhawan, Gangtok.
North District : 8 th March 2018 at Zilla Panchayat Bhawa, Mangan.
South District : 10 th March 2018 at SICB Karfectar, Jorethang
West District : 12 th 2018 at Zilla Panchayat Bhawan, Gyalshing
Therefore, all the interested homestay operators/owners may submit their application to the Joint/Deputy Director of Tourism and Civil Aviation of concerned District on or before
24th February 2018 (during office hour )beyond which no applications shall be entertained.
The Department shall issue participation certificate to all on completion of said training. However, no TA/DA shall be paid for attending the training programme.
Deputy Secretary (Adm)
Tourism and Civil Aviation Department

ORDER No. SKM/GOV/2018/7055

A subsequent Order No. SKM/GOV/2018/7055 dated 13th February, 2018 from the Office of the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim reads:
In exercise of the powers conferred on me by clause (1) of Article 174 of the Constitution of India, I, Shriniwas Patil, Governor of Sikkim, hereby summon the Sikkim Legislative Assembly to meet on 6th March, 2018 at 11:00 am in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Gangtok.
I, further direct that the Secretary, Sikkim Legislative Assembly, shall notify the Members accordingly.
(Shriniwas Patil)
Governor of Sikkim

ORDERS No. SKM/GOV/2018/7054

Gangtok, Feb 13: (IPR) The following Order No. SKM/GOV/2018/7054 dated 10th February, 2018 of the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim is hereby circulated for general information.
In exercise of the powers conferred on me by sub-clause (a) of clause (2) of Article 174 of the Constitution of India, I, Shriniwas Patil, Governor of Sikkim, hereby prorogue the Sikkim Legislative Assembly which was summoned to meet on 15th March, 2017.
(Shriniwas Patil)
Governor of Sikkim
The same was forwarded by Secretary, Legal, Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Department, Government of Sikkim, vide Notification No. 02/LL&PAD/2018 dated 12/02/18.
A subsequent Order No. SKM/GOV/2018/7055 dated 13th February, 2018 from the Office of the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim reads:
In exercise of the powers conferred on me by clause (1) of Article 174 of the Constitution of India, I, Shriniwas Patil, Governor of Sikkim, hereby summon the Sikkim Legislative Assembly to meet on 6th March, 2018 at 11:00 am in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Gangtok.
I, further direct that the Secretary, Sikkim Legislative Assembly, shall notify the Members accordingly.
(Shriniwas Patil)
Governor of Sikkim