Mabong Sigeng, March 1 (IPR)

Mabong Sigeng, March 1 (IPR):Minister Arjun Kumar Ghatani inaugurated 10 (ten) Nos. of houses constructed under Reconstruction of Earthquake Damaged Rural Houses (REDRH), Chief Minister`s Rural Housing Mission (CMRHM) and Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna(PMAY) in Mabong Sigeng Gram Panchyat Unit under Salghari Zoom constituency, today. He was accompanied by Mr. Prem Kr. Subba Block Development Officer Mangalbarey BAC, Assistant Engineer Ms Angelmit Lepcha, Panchayats, youths and others.

While interacting with the beneficiaries Mr Ghatani briefed on pro-people policies and programmes of the state government under visionary leadership of Hon`ble Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling to uplift socio-economic status of people. He motivated villagers to be a part of developmental process of transformation.

Mr. Ghatani inaugurated three REDRH house in Doksing (Ward no. 1) and Lower Mabong (Ward no. 3) and handedover to the beneficiaries Dhan Bahadur Rai, Tika Maya Rai and Chandra Pd. Rai.

Thereafter, he inaugurated 06 (six) nos. of PMAY house in Lower Sigeng and Middle Sigeng ward. The houses were constructed jointly under PMAY-G and MGNREGA wherein the beneficiaries Som Maya Tamang, Ram Bdr Rai, Mani Kr Rai, Dorongay Rai, Suk Maya Tamang and Panchaman Rai expressed gratitude to the state government for successful implementation with close monitoring by the state govt.

Besides, a stalled case of CMRHM house has been handedover to the beneficiary Dasharath Rai after completion at Lower Sigeng.

The HRDD Minister Sri RB Subba inaugurated a primary school at Kharpaney Budang village

March 01, 2018, Soreng/West: (IPR) The HRDD Minister Sri RB Subba today formally inaugurated a newly established primary school at Kharpaney Budang village of Mangsari-Makarjung Gram Panchayat Unit under Soreng-Chakung Constituency on March 01, 2018.
The school has started with a total of 35 students, which is considerably an encouraging figure. There are 3 teachers offering their voluntary service on temporary basis till the school gets regularly recruited teachers and Headmaster, which will be done very soon. The school is being run in a private building of Sri Dilip Bhandari of the same village till the new departmental building is constructed.
The inaugural ceremony also had the presence of the Joint Director/West Mrs T Eden Bhutia and other departmental officers of the district together with members of the public. Free text-books, uniforms, shoes exercise-books were distributed to the students during the programme. The Hon’ble Minister for HRDD Sri RB Subba also supported the school committee with financial help in order to start the school without any problems.
This is pertinent to mention here that while on the one hand enrollment of students is constantly falling down and some of the schools are being temporarily closed, it is indeed very heartening to understand that there are some new schools being established. Recently, one new school has been started at Selep Tank, East. This new school started today at Kharpaney in the West district is a harbinger to increased interest of the public and community support in the education sector in Sikkim.

DAAV (District Administration’s Adopted Village) Lingmoo Paiyong GPU

Namchi, 23rd Feburary(IPR): An entry point meeting for DAAV (District Administration’s Adopted Village) Lingmoo Paiyong GPU was held at Lingi Paiyong SS. The Chief guest for the programme was Minister, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department Mr. Ugen Gyasto. The programme was also attended by all HoDs and second line Officers of various Departments under South Sikkim.
At the outset, welcome address was delivered by Zilla Panchayat Member. The Panchayat President then gave a presentation on Overview of the GPU wherein a brief about Lingmoo Paiyong was presented. He informed about the demography of the GPU for all the 7 wards. It was learnt that female population was more in the GPU. The GPU is surplus in production of quality Orange, Cardamom and Buck Wheat. The GPU practices organic farming, the promotion of rural and agro based tourism was on the high. The Panchayat President also informed about the shortcomings faced by the GPU. They were mainly road connectivity, High Tension line passing through CAW was vulnerable and there was no alternative source of Power Supply. He presented the details of various ongoing Government scheme such as CMRHM, REDRH etc. He gave a brief about the future plans of the Panchayat.The Panchayat President informed about the future prospect of planning for construction of rope climbing, promotion indigenous seeds, Bhaley Dunga road track, Diary farming centre. He emphasised on early construction of GPK.
He also presented various other proposals to overcome shortage of water. Further, request for promotion of sports. Request for construction of Science Laboratory in Lingi Paiyong School. He informed about shortage of teachers in the schools.The Panchayats also demanded for construction of PHSC. It was learnt that Panchayats have also formed certain rules and regulations for the GPU keeping in view the local problems faced by the public and also for smooth functioning of the speech.
Later the GPU calender was launched by Hon’ble Minister and BDO Yangang explained in brief about DAAV and the activities that would follow for another 6 months to make the GPU a model one. She gave examples of success of DAAV at Sanganath, Rong Bul, Mamley Kamrang. She informed that DC and his team had already visited 5 wards in presence of all the Panchayats and various works have been sanctioned. She read about all the works sanctioned. Most of the works have been converged with MGNREGA. BDO urged the public to beautify all the Government infrastructure. She informed that plantation and painting works would be carried out in all schools, GPK, ICDS etc. She urged all stakeholders to come forward and work together in making Lingoo Paiyong a Model GPU. DC South gave a presentation on agenda and functioning of public and government under DAAV. He informed that DAAV was initiated under the vision of HCM’s “Afnu Gaon Afai Banaun”. He informed that other GPU selected under DAAV have become Model. All schools look beautiful, ICDS were well managed. He also informed that Lingmoo Paiyong was the 5th GPU under DAAV. He informed that, Lingmoo Paiyong was identified because it was far off from District Headquarters and there was various other problems faced by the GPU. DC urged all stakeholders to work in tandem with the Administration to make this programme a success. He briefed about the activities that would follow for another few months. A meeting would be called with HoDs to discuss about all key agendas. He informed that there no extra funds under DAAV. However, all departments would work hard to implement all ongoing schemes. There would be no contarctorship in the works sanctioned as all the works are to be done departmentally. He asked the public to be patient for next 7-8 months as lot of activities would be taken up. He promised that works undertaken will be completed in due course of time. He requested the public not to demand unnessary things. He urged all public to own up the Government infrastructure. He urged for community participation and seriously active Panchayats. The HoDs have identified their second line Officers to work for the department. The DC and HoDs will visit the GPU on monthly basis to keep check on progress of the works undertaken. All HoDs will be called for meeting to check the progress of works at District Level also. He informed that all schools would be made model. Infrastructure, quality education would be the key agenda for making the school model. All pension, govt benefits would be made 100%. Help would be made available in availing loans for livelihood. Panchayats were requested to document all works under DAAV. All activities to be uploaded in their Facebook page. He urged the Panchayats to work in coordination with each other and also with the Administration.All schools to be motivated. Dy Director to conduct meeting with all school heads and SMC on monthly basis. Schools, ICDS would be awarded if the come out to be the best.Cleanest house will also be awarded. Panchayats to organize one Diwas Day. It would lead to proper bonding amongst villagers which would in turn lead to growthof village.
The presentation was followed by round of discussion. Supervisor of ICDS expressed great happiness on understanding about the activities that would be taken under DAAV. She also shared about problems faced by ICDS. Hon’ble Minsiter at the outset congratulated DC South for being nominated as Best IAS Officer in North East region his speech. He also thanked DC South and the South District Administration as a whole for selecting Lingmoo Paiyong under DAAV. He urged all the public to take up DAAV activities as community service. He requested all public to become positive and work in tandem with Administration to make the GPU a model one. He urged all villagers to be responsible. The Hon’ble Minister urged for Eco Friendly policy which has been envisaged by HCM. HM urged all departments to formulate proper road map before the work for DAAV begins. The programme ended with Vote of Thanks delivered by Ward Panchayat Member.

Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies(ABC&AR) Camp

21 Feb Mangan(IPR): Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies(ABC&AR) camp was conducted by SARAH(Sikkim Anti Rabies and Animal Health) w.e.f 8th to 19th February at North Sikkim. The stray dogs were caught from surrounding areas of Mangan , several villages of the District and were sterilized and vaccinated against Rabies and also de-wormed. A total nos. of 268 dogs were sterilized and 303 dogs vaccinated.
The Government of Sikkim has recognized the importance of Animal Welfare activities and created SARAH division to reduce stray dog population by humane and sustainable means. SARAH is the first Government sanctioned initiative in the whole of India to implement the animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies programme.
Prior to its establishment authorities confronted with ever increasing stray canine population and rampant human and animal rabies deaths, resorted to mass bullet shooting .However despite such horrible and cruel practices the rabies and stray population was never under control. Now due to the dedicated efforts of the division , there has been a significant decline in both human and animal Rabies .
In 2006 The Department of AH&VS Govt. of Sikkim in conjunction with Sikkim Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals and International NGOs like the Brigitte Bardot Fondation, Vets Beyond Borders began implementing the State wide ABC and AR program. Due to the success and commitment of the stakeholders the Government of Sikkim on 22nd March 2009 created a separate division within the AH LF&VS department so that ABC/AR and other animal welfare works can be permanently implemented.
Since then the program has become a huge success and this in turn has a positive impact on Public health, Environment, wildlife and tourism in the State.
Dogs have not only remained Man’s best friend but they effectively prevent wild life intruders like bears monkeys Jackal and thus prevent a big disaster which often goes unnoticed. They also effectively control rats and other vermin thus preventing a potential disease transmission. Thus irresponsible pet ownership and abandoning of sick and unmanageable dogs in streets monasteries/temples, careless breeding , dumping of puppies in the streets to fend for themselves should be discouraged. As this, not only goes beyond the definition of “being humane” but also in turn impacts, community health , environment and Tourism.
The detail nos. of dogs operated for Animal Birth Control(ABC) and vaccinated against Rabies(ARV) during the camp held are as follows
8th feb :Mangan Town: 28 dogs
9th feb:Mangan Town: 49 dogs
10th Feb:Lingdong /Barfok /L.Dzongu :18 Dogs
11th Feb:Mangshilla/Namok :14 Dogs
13th Feb:Mangan Vet Hospital :18 dogs
14th Feb: Heegyathang :19dogs
15th Feb: Passingdong :26 dogs
16th Feb: Tinchim: 11 dogs
17th Feb: Mangshilla : 24 dogs
18th Feb: Namok/Swyem:21 Dogs
19th Feb: Lum l.Dongu: 15 Dogs
20th Feb: Mangan/Chadey:25 dogs

State of Cryosphere in the Himalaya

Gangtok, Feb 19: (IPR) The two- day International Conference to
discuss on the State of Cryosphere in the Himalaya kicked off today at
Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok with Honorable Minister for Science and
Technology, Shri T.W. Lepcha present as the Chief Guest during the
inaugural function. Organised in collaboration of the Department of
Science and Technology & Climate Change, Sikkim University, and the
Integrated Mountain Initiative, the conference had the presence of
eminent personalities working in the field of cryosphere from across
the globe, along with scientists and researchers from within the
country. The conference has been organised with the objective of
bringing together scientists and researchers, students and policy
makers to understand latest scientific developments in glaciology and
to develop future road map for research needs.
The inaugural session was addressed by Dr. J Srinivasan, Dr. Anil
Kulkarni from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Dr. Akhilesh
Gupta from DST, Government of India, and Dr. Mustafa Ali Khan from the
Swiss Agency and Development Cooperation. The Chairperson of the
organising committee, Mr. PD Rai Hon’ble MP – Lok Sabha from Sikkim
addressed the gathering via a video message.
Honorable Minister for Science and Technology Department, Shri TW
Lepcha lauded the efforts of the organisers of the conference and
appreciated the work undertaken by DST and Land Revenue and Disaster
Management Department for mitigation measures for South Lohnak Lake,
and further suggested that the monitoring of the intervention needed
to continue. He mentioned that the Glacier Commission that had been
set up in the state needed to be revived to strengthen the ongoing
research work on Sikkim’s glaciers and wetlands. Further, he stressed
that every individual must also strive to contribute for environment
conservation and practising eco friendly habits.
In his welcome address, the Principal Secretary, DST, Dr. K Jayakumar
mentioned that the conference was made possible by the cooperation of
various agencies and the vision of Honorable MP, Mr PD Rai. He also
presented on the activities of the Department with special focus on
the work undertaken by the Glacier and Climate Change Commission.
Dr. Akhilesh Gupta presented on the climate change programme of the
Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, mentioning
that there has been significant growth in the higher education and
research sector in the field of climate science in India, with more
than 3000 scientists working in this field. Sikkim has also been
supported by setting up of the Climate Change Cell under Department of
Science and Technology and Climate Change, and Dr. Gupta assured of
supporting more programmes in the future.
Dr. Kulkarni from the Divecha Center for Climate Change presented on
the work undertaken by their center in the country, including Sikkim.
He also spoke on the societal impacts of shrinking glaciers on
mountain communities who are entirely dependent on glacier fed
streams. Elaborating on the fruitful collaboration with the Sikkim
Government, he expressed his keenness to support future glacier
related programmes of the state.
Representing SDC’s Indian Himalayan Climate Adapatation Programme
(IHCAP), Dr. Mustafa Ali Khan, Team Leader presented the overall
objectives of the IHCAP programme being undertaken in the Himalayan
region, and offered to support the Government in developing glacier
related curriculum in the state.
The vote of thanks was proposed by the Organising Secretary of the
conference, Mr. DG Shrestha who informed the gathering that due to the
good governance under the leadership of Honorable Chief Minister, an
international conference of this magnitude was made possible.
The post lunch session had international delegates – Mr. Tobias Bolch
from University of Zurich, Dr. Jeff Dozier – University of California,
Dr. Umesh Haritashya – University of Dayton, Dr. Anna Sinisalo from
ICIMOD, Rakesh Kayastha from Kathmandu University, Kinley Wangmo and
Thupstan Aunchuk from Bhutan, taking to the stage and talking about
the various aspects of cyrosphere research. Other delegates from India
were from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Tata Energy and
Research Institute, and National Center for Antarctic and Ocean
Research. From Sikkim, Dr. Smriti Basnett presented on the preliminary
work conducted under the Inter University Consortium on Cryopshere and
Climate Change from Sikkim University.
The International Conference has been organised with the support of
Government of Sikkim, Department of Science and Technology, Government
of India and other agencies such as IHCAP, TERI, ICIMOD, Divecha
Center for Climate Change.

Village Administrative Centre of 42- Sirwani G.P.U. Khamdong Block East Sikkim

Khamdong Feb 19: (IPR) Minister RMDD Shri S.B. Subedi inaugurated the
Village Administrative Centre of 42- Sirwani G.P.U. Khamdong Block
East Sikkim here at Dochung Ward, Khamdong today. The function also
had the august presence of Minister Agriculture Shri Somnath Poudyal
along with host of other dignitaries.
After inaugurating the Village Administrative Centre, the Minister
took a round of the newly established Centre and congratulated the
Panchayat President, Members and the administrative staff. The
five-room Centre is well equipped to accommodate the offices of area
MLA, BDO, Panchayat President & Members and administrative staff.
On his arrival, Minister Shri Subedi hoisted the National flag in
front of the Centre and unveiled the plaque, thereby officially
inaugurating the Village Administrative Centre. The Centre will be
fully functional from today onwards.
Later, addressing the gathering, Minister Agriculture Shri Somnath
Poudyal expressed gratitude to Minister Shri S.B. Subedi for
inaugurating the Village Administrative Centre for the benefit of the
people of the GPU and adjoining areas.
He shared the schemes and programmes directed towards the progress and
development of the rural masses under the leadership of Chief Minister
Shri Pawan Chamling. He stated that Sikkim is a unique model of
inclusive development, and the highest offices of the country are
recognizing the contribution made by Sikkim to the people of the State
and the country.
He highlighted on the importance of leadership in uplifting the people
and ensuring all round development.
“In the month of April, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling
will break the record of being the longest serving Chief Minister of
an Indian State. We should realise, acknowledge and be grateful for
the paradigm shift brought about under his leadership,” he stated.
Speaking on Panchayati Raj, Minister Shri Poudyal reiterated on the
vision of the Government to decentralise power and set high standards
in terms of achieving power devolution and excellence in local
self-governance. He emphasized on the need to make Gram Sabhas more
participative, with active involvement of officers of all line
Minister Shri Poudyal urged the people of the GPU and adjoining areas
to make optimum use of the Village Administrative Centre for all the
official works.
Earlier, ADC Development, East, Dr. A.B. Karki in his address
highlighted some of the schemes and programmes implemented by the
RM&DD at the grass root level. He urged the Panchayats and
administrative staff stationed posted at the VAC to work with utmost
sincerity and diligence to achieve the stipulated targets for rural
development works. He recorded his appreciation for the efficient
functioning of the GPU under an able Panchayat. He also assured to
visit the VAC at least once a month to monitor the functioning.
The programme was also addressed by Director Panchayat, RMDD, Shri
M.N. Dhakal, who emphasized on the need to constitute five Standing
Committees to address specific issues. He also highlighted on the need
to ensure transparent functioning, especially while handling the
resource envelope and reporting the activities of the VAC.
The programme was also addressed by Zilla Adhyaksha East Shri Samsher
Rai, and Panchayat President, 42-Sirwani GPU Smt Bhim Maya Gajmer.
The programme also saw felicitation of the Land donors Mrs. Aiti Maya
Darnal and her four sons at the hands of the chief guest Shri S.B.
Subedi. The present VAC stands at the land donated by them. Several
individuals who have contributed to the progress and development of
the people of the GPU through their sincere services were also
felicitated on the occasion.
Cultural presentations by members of local clubs lent some colour and
festivity to the programme.
The programme was attended by officers of line departments, panchayat
members, members of NGOs and local gentry.

‘Partnership Agreement’

GANGTOK, February 18 (IPR): UNESCO MGIEP and the Human Resource Development Department(HRDD), Govt. of Sikkim signed a ‘Partnership Agreement’ for the project to embed concepts of Peace, Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in textbooks of core subjects for the schools of Sikkim.
The project will be implemented by State Council of Education, Research and Training (SCERT), HRDD, Sikkim and third party partnership with Ajim Premji University, Bangalore.
After signing agreement with UNESCO, Sikkim became the first state in the country to have school Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED).
Agreement was signed between Additional Chief Secretary, HRDD, Mr. G. P Upadhaya and UNESCO MGIEP Curricular Head, Miss, Yoko Mochizuki at a local hotel this evening.
As the world gears up to achieving SDGs, it was informed that the Embedding Project of UNESCO MGIEP will play a key role in supporting Member States’ efforts to achieve SDG 4.7 on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED). The project aims to embed concepts of peace, global citizenship and sustainable development in textbooks of core subjects especially Mathematics, Science, Language and Geography.
Additional Chief Secretary, Mr. G. P Upadhaya said, “Sikkim is the first state to enter into agreement with UNESCO. It a happy and a proud moment for Sikkim and HRDD to have Sustainable Development Goals incorporated in school curriculum from Classes I-V. We are grateful to state government and UNESCO for giving this opportunity. A total of 45 resources teachers are being trained for this project. This is this first time where we are training teachers for textbook writing scientifically and we are in the process to adopt and pass Sustainable Development Act. In terms of education it very important to have SDGs in school education for the future generation.”
He also said that education for peace, education for sustainable development (ESD), Global Citizenship Education (GCED), Global Learning, Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR), Human Rights Education etc have existed for a while and their significance is huge in the education sector. Embedding in core subjects puts the values and principles of sustainable development at the heart of education and contribute to achieving education ‘for’ sustainable development. Around 30 experts from around the world have produced a guidebook on embedding for textbook authors titled ‘Textbooks for Sustainable Development’. In its next phase, UNESCO MGIEP is partnering with textbook development agencies and governments to train textbook authors utilising the guidebook as a resource, it was informed.
Curricular Head, Miss. Yoko Mochizuki said, “it is a great learning journey for us in improving the education textbook system in Sikkim and we are looking forward to this opportunity in front of us.”
Director, SCERT Dr. Rabin Chettri informed that textbook from Class I-V will be ready from end of this December for pilot project.
The program was also attended by the officials of HRDD along with representatives from UNESCO MGIEP.

Jorethang Maghe Sakranti Mela 2018 has created impressive job opportunities

Jorethang Maghe Sakranti Mela 2018 has created impressive job opportunities for educated youths of West Sikkim.
Minister for Health, IPR & Printings deptts. Mr Arjun Kumar Ghatani flagged off the students/youths who were selected for 100% job placement guaranteed training programme, today at Geyzing. They were selected during career fair/ job mela organised at Jorethang Maghe Mela 2018 . He extended his best wishes for completion of training courses followed by job guaranteed placement in renowned companies.
Altogether 30 unemployed candidates were flagged off from Geyzing for six month long job training of machine operator ( Plastic Recycling) at Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Guwahati. The Training programme is being sponsored by North East Regional Livelihood Project (NERLP). As an output of Jorethang Maghey Mela 2018, seventeen students from south sikkim have already started their job training programme at Don Bosco Institute of Assam who were flagged off by Mr Ghatani on 12th Feb 2018 from Malli South Sikkim.



Nagpur, Feb 17: (IPR) The Dhara Vikas initiative of the Rural Management & Development Department, Government of Sikkim was widely appreciated at the ‘Bhujal Manthan’, a crucial two-day convention on ground water conservation, held at Kavivarya Suresh Bhat Auditorium of Nagpur. The Convention was inaugurated on Friday at the hands of Union Minister for Water Resources and Ganga Rejuvenation Shri Nitin Gadkari.

In his inaugural address, the Minister lauded the Dhara Vikas initiative of Sikkim as a model for other States to follow, and apprised the illustrious gathering that he had specially invited the state of Sikkim to showcase and explain its Dhara Vikas programme.

On behalf of the State of Sikkim, Additional Secretary cum PD MGNREGA, RMDD, Government of Sikkim, Mrs Sarika Pradhan shared the Dhara Vikas program of the State with the Convention today. Sikkim was also represented in the convention by Dr. Subhash Dhakal, OSD, RMDD.

While the officials and scientists of the different Water Resources Departments of the country got together to brainstorm on the increasingly scarce resource that ground water is becoming, the convention was also attended by three Union Ministers of State (MoS) and two Members of Parliament.

The two-day Convention came to a conclusion today.

Floriculture for Rural and Urban Prosperity in the Scenario of Climate Change

Gangtok, February 16 (IPR): Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture and Cash Crop department, Mr. Somnath Poudyal inaugurated the three long National Conference on “Floriculture for Rural and Urban Prosperity in the Scenario of Climate Change”.
The national conference was jointly organized by Department of Horticulture and Cash Crop, Government of Sikkim, Sikkim University, Indian Society of Ornamental Horticulture (ISOH), North East Council, Centre Institute of Horticulture, Nagaland, CAE&PHT Central Agriculture University (CAU), Ranipool and Research Centre for Orchid.
Addressing the inaugural programme, Minister Mr. Somnath Poudyal said, “this national conference will undoubtedly help Sikkim and other North Eastern states to adopt advanced technologies in the field of Floriculture in days of changing climate. Floriculture is the most potential sector which can turn the tide of rural economy. Sikkim has highly conducive climate, tradition of growing flowers, emerging market opportunities, peaceful environment, stable and proactive government and policy support which gives a strong edge to floriculture in the state. It is seen that floriculture is becoming an attractive venture.”
Minster further stated that state government has accorded top priority to flower sector and to develop floriculture as sustained venture to meet the growing demands of flowers in domestic and international market.
“Melting of ice cap in Himalayan region and climate change has threatened some of the indigenous species of flowers by not getting favourable agro-climatic conditions for their proliferation. Some of the Himalayan regions may be deprived of normal precipitation due to unusual monsoon and erratic rainfall pattern. To minimize the effect of climate change, use of green-house technology, Hi-tech horticulture are some of the solutions,” Agriculture Minister added.
Minister also highlighted the different initiatives taken by Sikkim government for mitigating climate change.
During the programme, Dr. R.C Upadhyaya was awarded with Lifetime Achievement in Floriculture and Orchid Award, Dr. R.L Mishra with Orchid Display Award and Dr. LOTUS Award 2107. The award was handed over by chief guest, Minister, Mr. Poudyal.
Organizing committee also awarded Kumar Yonzon, resident of Pakyong with Best Senior Citizenship Award in Orchid Farming along with cash prize and certificates and Samten Dorjee Gurung, of Pakyong with Best Orchid Grower Award, cash prize and certificates
During the programme the Minister also released books and journals namely; Souvenir cum Abstract, ICAR-NRCO at a Glance, organic Production Technology of Alstroemeria, nepali publications on control measures of Aphids, Thrip and Mites in orchids and Journal on Horticulture.

Earlier, Secretary of Horticulture department, Mr. Khorlo Bhutia, Padma Shree Awardee and Ex-Director, DRDO, Dr. Brahma Singh, Chairman, ISOH &CHAI, Dr. H.P Singh, Chief Consultant of MIDH, Dr. R.C Upadhyaya, AGM of NABARD, Gangtok, Mr. G.M Walkare and Dean of CAE&PHT, CAU, Dr. P.P Dabral spoke on scientific approach on floriculture and different scope of it.
The three days conference will have participants from different Agriculture Universities, Colleges and ICAR and progressive farmers from Sikkim and other states.