Interim budget along with two other amendment bills passed in Sikkim Legislative Assembly

Gangtok, 20 Feb (IPR): The concluding day of the two-day Seventh Session (Part VI) of the Ninth Assembly of Sikkim Legislative Assembly saw the passing of the Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment) Bill, Bill No. 2 of 2019, presented in the house by Shri Pawan Chamling, Leader of the House and also the Minister-in-Charge of Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department.

The Bill aims to ensure protection against alienation of the land holding of the Limboo community. Following persistent demand of the Limboo community for protection against alienation of Land belonging to the person of Limboo Community and with a view to ensure such protection of the interest of Land of the said community, Sections 3(A) and 3(B) have been proposed for insertion in the Act.

The House also passed the Beggary (Amendment) Bill, Bill No. 3 of 2019, presented by Smt. Tulshi Devi Rai, Hon’ble Minister-in –Charge of Social Justice, Empowerment and Welfare Department.

The Bill seeks to amend section 25 of the Sikkim Prohibition of Beggary Act, 2004 which cast stigma on the persons suffering from leprosy and also create a disability for them as per the direction given by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in its order dated 24/04/2018 in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 1151/2017 in the matter of Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy versus Union of India.

During the Financial Business, the Vote of Account 2019-20 for the State of Sikkim for six months starting April to September 2019 was to the tune of Rs. 356629.60 lakh comprising of Rs. 271388.39 lakh on Revenue Account and Rs. 85241.21 lakh on Capital Account which was announced and passed by the House and was presented by Shri Pawan Chamling, Leader of the House also the Minister-in-Charge of Finance, Revenue and Expenditure Department.

The House also passed the Sikkim Appropriation Bill, Bill No. 1 of 2019 unanimously for the Vote on Account 2019-20. It was introduced by Shri Pawan Chamling, Leader of the House and also the Minister-in-Charge of Finance, Revenue and Expenditure Department.

The Leader of the House also the Minister-in-Charge of Finance, Revenue and Expenditure Department presented the CAG Reports on Finance Accounts (Volume I & II) for the year 2017-18 and Appropriation Accounts for the year 2017-18.

Hon’ble Chairman Shri B.B. Rai, Public Accounts Committee also presented the report of the Assembly Committees on

  1. 113th Report on Action Taken on the Recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee by the State Government Departments as contained in its 102nd Report.
  2. 114th Report on further Action Taken on the Recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee by the Energy and Power Department, Government of Sikkim as contained in its 104th Report.
  3. 115th Report on Action Taken on the Recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee by the State Bank of Sikkim as contained in its 106th Report.

Speaker, Sikkim Legislative Assembly, Shri K.N. Rai, announced and presented the Annual Report of the Commission and Government Departments which was laid on the table of the House.

The Leader of the House and Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Pawan Chamling, in his valedictory address stated his gratitude to the people of Sikkim for giving his government continued mandate for the fifth consecutive term. He reminisced his initial years as a young leader of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly and how he had spent close to 35 years for the welfare of Sikkim and its people.

He stated that the last 25 years of his governance has been dedicated towards fulfilling the basic minimum needs of the people of the State. He proclaimed that delivering justice to the people of Sikkim was a vision he pursued right from day one and always dreamt of a peaceful and progressive Sikkim and a brighter future for the people. He articulated how the present government advocated for equal rights to all and stated that plans and policies of the government have been framed and implemented giving highest priority to their grievances.

The Leader of the House said decades of toil and labour of his government has been dedicated towards taking the state and the people forward.

“25 years of trials and tribulations has been spent in fulfilling the Sikkimese dream of growth and progress,” he added.

Shri Chamling further stressed that priorities of the state government employees have always been placed first in the annual budget every year. He recollected that there has never been an instance where tensions have erupted due to non-payment of the salaries of the employees and also added that potential situations were also immediately addressed to avoid any inconveniences to the employees and advocated that all officers should also work towards smoothening out administrative creases for the welfare of all.

While addressing the various claims and false allegations about the flagship schemes of the state government such as the One Family One Job Scheme being a complete hogwash, Shri Pawan Chamling asserted that the scheme has been framed and implemented keeping all the nitty-gritties in mind and hence the people, and esp. the youth should come forward and have faith in the state government and stay away from rumours and speculations and believe in the reality of almost 20,000 unemployed Sikkimese getting employment that is out for all to see.

He also made references to the Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment) Bill,2019 that was passed today in the State Assembly, adding that the bill was placed in the house only after consultations with members of the concerned community keeping their grievances in mind. He also stated that the bill would be amended if there are any issues that are brought forward by the community in future.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister stated that Sikkim has come a long way due to the state government’s vision of development and progress. He vocalized that no leader has been seen or heard making promises of fulfilling the basic minimum needs of the people anywhere and conjoined that only in Sikkim one can witness developmental politics where development of the state and uplifting the people has been the only agenda.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister gave the august House a synopsis of the landmark initiatives and achievements of the state government in the last 25 years like the Organic Sikkim Mission, making Sikkim a 100% literate State in the Country, upholding the values of communal harmony and secularism in the State, making the youth self-reliant, increasing the state’s rich and unique biodiversity and green cover, equality of women in all avenues, Free Education to the students and, most important of all free education in the field of medicine and free health care to the people of the state which are firsts in comparison to anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, the Hon’ble Chief Minister said, “Sikkim is our heaven and our paradise right here on earth and the merits of progress, peace, development and harmony encompassing all sectors should be valued and taken forward by the Sikkimese.”

He propounded that onus is upon the people to give their mandate to progress and development without compromising on the peace and security that Sikkim is respected and admired for. The Leader of the House extended appreciation and credit to the Speaker of the SLA, the Deputy Speaker, MLA’s and all the officials and staff of the State Legislative Assembly, Law and Order Officials and staff and the Press and Media for ensuring that every session of the esteemed Legislative Assembly has gone by without any glitch. He highlighted that this smooth functioning of the House is a distinction for the entire state.

Shri Chamling called upon all to preserve and strengthen the State, concluding his Vote of Thanks for the Seventh Session of the Ninth Assembly with the words, “Hamro Sikkim, Ramroo Sikkim- sandhai banaunu parcha”.

The Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly, Shri K.N. Rai, in his Vote of Thanks expressed his thanks to the Deputy Speaker, The Leader of the House, the MLA’s and all the officials of the State Assembly, the Police Department and the Press and Media for unhindered sessions of the State Legislative Assembly.

Earlier, Members of Legislative Assembly, Shri R.B. Subba, Shri Hemendra Adhikari and Shri Shyam Pradhan also rendered their Vote of Thanks wherein they thanked the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker for successful conduction of Assembly Sessions. They also made references to the Chief Minister for his vision in transforming Sikkim into a world class model state in the country and the world.

At the end, the Speaker adjourned the House sine-die.

Hon’ble Chief Minister conferred with Doctorate of Literature (Honoris Causa) by Desh Bhagat University in Punjab

Gobindgarh, 14 Feb (IPR): Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling today was conferred with the prestigious Doctorate of Literature (Honoris Causa) by the Desh Bhagat University here at Gobindgarh in Punjab. The honour was given to him for his ‘exceptional vision, deep commitment and continuous efforts to uplift the weaker section, backward class and women; for his leadership and good governance with moral and spiritual wisdom’.

While delivering his key note address, the Chief Minister congratulated the bright young students who have just received their degrees and medals and also complimented the Desh Bhagat University on its tremendous contribution in the field of education which is today one of India’s proud educational institutes.

The Chief Minister informed that the State Government in Sikkim has made tremendous progress in the education sector duly earmarking 20% of State budget under education sector which is the highest expenditure in India so far. Talking about free education up to college level, the Chief Minister mentioned two unique programmes of the Sikkim government like the Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme at Class V level and Chief Minister’s Free Scholarship Scheme for Sikkimese students admitted in world’s top 20 Universities.

The Chief Minister further said that Sikkim has become the most literate State in the country with literacy rate of 96.72%, life expectancy of 73.15 years and per capita income of Rs 3,41,000 at present.

“Sikkim is the cleanest State, first Open Defecation-free State of India, most peaceful and safest tourist destination State. During the period of 1993 and 2013, forest cover in Sikkim increased to 47.34% from 43.95% in 1993. Sikkim became the only State in India to have increased its forest cover in the past two decades. As a governmental response to growing unemployment, we recently launched a unique programme – One Family One Job – under which employment to 20,000 were given on 12 Jan, 2019 ensuring 99% reach, covering all households in Sikkim,” informed the Chief Minister.

Talking about organic farming, the Chief Minister said that Sikkim has a unique identity as the First and Only Organic State in the world and recounted some of the advantages of organic farming as sustainable farming system.

In the fast changing world, the Chief Minister advised students to update themselves with emerging world knowledge on a daily basis as modern advancement in bio-engineering is about to change the course of evolution itself.

He thanked the University Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and faculty members for conferring upon him the honour. He also remembered the people of Sikkim who have entrusted upon him the responsibility to lead the State as their Chief Minister for over the last 25 years.

The Chief Minister was also invited to join the Chancellor and chief guest to felicitate different individuals for their achievement in different fields. Among them were conferment of honoris causa to former President Shri Pranab Mukherjee in absentia, Padma Shree Shri H.R. Shah, Shri Surjanaran Patro (Cabinet Minister of Orissa), Lt. General Shokin Chauhan, Shri Lov Verma, Ms. Priti Verma (Punjabi Cinema Actress), Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, Mr. VR Shankara, Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala.

Hon’ble Chief Minister lays foundation stone for three important infrastructures

Gangtok, 07 Feb (IPR): Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr Pawan Chamling laid the foundation stone of three important infrastructures in the capital today.

The Chief Minister laid the foundation stone of Social Housing for Economically Weaker Section, a project under Gangtok Smart City Development Limited, at Sokeythang. The programme had the presence of Minister, UD&HD Shri N.K. Subba, Ministers, MLAs, Mayor GMC, Secretary UD&HD and other Heads of Departments, and officers of UD&HD and Gangtok Smart City Project. The Housing facility will be built at an estimated cost of Rs. 43 Crore, and will comprise of seven blocks, 240 dwelling units and 6 individual plots.

The Chief Minister then laid the foundation stone of another project under the Smart City Development Limited, the upcoming Khangchendzonga Square at the existing premise of the STNM complex outside the Orthopedic Department. The project comprises of a multi-layered car park and commercial hub.

The Khangchendzonga Square is going to be a recreational cum interactive public plaza with facilities like shopping, food court and a parking arena. The space is constructed keeping in mind access and movement for the differently-abled people as well and the total project cost is estimated at approximately 81 Crore.

Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling then attended the Bhoomi Pooja cum foundation laying of Marwari Swarajanik Sewa Bhawan at the existing Old Children Park Complex, above taxi stand, in the presence of the Minister for Urban Development & Housing Department, Mr. N.K Subba and other dignitaries.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister congratulated the Gangtok Marwari Samaj Sewa Trust (GMSST) for community development through social gatherings and awareness and expressed his happiness and pleasure for being able to play the role of a leader in such an event. He stated that under the governance of the State Government, business activities have expanded, derived profit and functioned in peace sans any conflict. He asked the business community and entrepreneurs to be creative and innovative in their business ventures to take the trading profession to a whole new level.

He said that while currently, there is a 5% reservation in higher studies for the business community children, the government would look into and consider a rise in the percentage in the coming session. He also stated that they would also consider the 35% subsidy for Start-up Loans, depending on budget preparation and financial analysis by the concerned departments.

He spoke on the existing benefits of the Residential Certificate and said that almost every perks and advantage given to a Sikkimese is granted to those in possession of the RC as well. He explained that certain differences exist based on the Old Laws of the State and those must be recalled and respected. He said that a government who has taken the efforts to formulate such policies for old residents and provide them with equal opportunities is a government that works towards community development. From free education to medical facilities and various grants, the State Government has worked in fairness.

He urged the people to take advantage of the 90% reservation in the industrial sector and work towards the progress of the State through manufacturing and related commercial activities. He stated that the government has been inclusive socially, culturally and even politically and the evidence is palpable.

Speaking of infrastructural development in the State, he thanked former heads of departments and current officials of UDHD, Engineering Cells for being able to make such progress. He asked the people to be proud of the fact that they live in the Cleanest and the Greenest City of the North-East Region. This, he said has enhanced the quality of life, thus leading to higher standard of living and with peace and stability, Gangtok is an example for other cities to look up to. He reiterated that the State Government has provided the business community with equal opportunities and given the respect that they deserve.

He asked them to reap profits through various branches of tourism, mainly through hospitality and commute. He said that the State Government has been working towards making Sikkim a Pilgrimage Tourist Destination hence, keeping the pilgrimage tourists in mind, there can be many unexplored avenues to tread on and explore. He also said that Sikkim is the only State in the country where the Government is mindful of the ecclesiastical affairs and makes sure to contrive, create and construct religious sites and structures. He remarked that it was also a proud moment for all Sikkimese to realize that in the last 24 years there has been no conflict over caste, creed and religion.

Another sector that he asked the business community to develop and explore was the organic field. He asked them to work in proximity with the farmers and help them bring their organic products to the market. He asked them to use the brand of “Organic Sikkim” when dealing commercially with products and services both. He suggested that an Organic Hotel or an Organic Fast Food would be a revolutionary idea that could accelerate the business in the State.

He also spoke on the State moving ahead through industries of Pharmaceuticals, Hydel Power Plants and Road Connectivity and Transport. He said that while these help with branding, basic needs and connectivity to remote and rural areas, they also provide job opportunities, create real estate and generate revenue for the State. When roads reach places, so does development, he said.

He said that Sikkim is the only State to provide free education even in higher studies, as every individual must be empowered with education. The government has never and will never compromise on the education sector for it is the ammunition of the modern man. He also mentioned the new STNM hospital and said that there will be free medical treatment and dialysis for Sikkimese people. He said that the State Government has always had courage and temerity both to work fearlessly for the well being and welfare of the State.

He reminded the people that all necessities had been taken care of and that, the people of Sikkim have always been provided for. He also spoke on the growth of transport and civil aviation and stated that soon enough, the State would have railway links for easier and efficient commute.

He concluded his address by asking the people to bring about peaceful change and not a change that would sabotage the future of the public. He urged them to use their democratic right with full responsibility. He asked them to develop a sense of ownership and not to compromise on the peace and stability of the State for trivial changes.

Earlier, Mr. Hari Prasad Agarwal, President of the GMSST welcomed the Chief Minister and the gathering. He thanked the Chief Minister for the constant support, guidance and for the development of the business community and expressed his satisfaction. The growth of business and the community both, he said was due to the relentless efforts and the encouragement of the State Government.

The architect for the complex, Mr. C. Singhi provided a brief detail of the structure stating that it was spread over 16,000 sq. ft. and would house banquet/conference hall, rooms and kitchens. He said that the purpose of the complex would be to meet and provide community service.

Chief Minister Shri. Pawan Chamling inaugurated Namchi Passenger Ropeway

Namchi, 4th February(IPR): The Chief Minister Mr Pawan Chamling inaugurated Namchi Passenger Ropeway, lower terminal point which has been designed, constructed and operated by Damodar Ropeway and Infra Ltd near PWD Guest House today. Present during the inaugural ceremony were Speaker SLA Mr K.N.Rai, Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr Ugen T.Gyatso, Cabinet Ministers and various other dignitaries.

Secretary,Tourism and Civil Aviation Department Mr. T. T. Bhutia presented the technical report at a function held at Community Hall wherein he informed the total cost of Namchi Passenger Ropeway is Rs. 43.54 crore out of which Rs. 14.43 crore is funded by Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) and the remaining amount is from the State Plan. He brought to light that the ropeway carries a number of advantages in terms of ecology, traffic management and spatial planning which offer the visitors a unique ariel view. He updated that the ropeway has been constructed in two sections namely Section I and II, the former starts at PWD Guest House and terminates at Rock Garden, covering a length of 2.1 km with the total travel time of 12 minutes. Mr. Bhutia added that the cabins are fully enclosed with ventilation and automatic doors. The systems used are monocable detachable grip IV seater cabin ride with a clockwise operation. This ropeway consist of 20 cabins accommodating four persons per cabin. The ropeway cables and the cabins are supplied by M/s Arcellor Mittal, France and M/s Gangloff Switzerland, respectively.

It may be mentioned here that the Passenger Ropeway (Section II) from Samdruptse to Rock Garden was inaugurated on 1st August, 2016. The maximum speed of the Section II ropeway is of 3 seconds and will cover the distance of 640 meters.

Addressing, the gathering, Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling extended his congratulations on inauguration of this ropeway and added that Namchi and the public of the state has received an added tourism attraction in the form of this ropeway. He also spoke in brief how this project was envisioned in the year 2003 and shared the hurdles faced in giving shape to this colossal project. He added that the State Government consistently and vigorously pursuited this massive ambition of construction of ropeway in Namchi so as to transform the South District Headquarters as a town filled with modern state of art infrastructure. The Chief Minister also informed that this is the third ropeway which has been created in Sikkim and added that in the entire North East, Sikkim is the only state which has the facility of ropeway. He also notified that this ropeway will provide opportinities in the field of employment and economic aspect. Mr. Chamling said that the construction company has been entrusted with the commercial operation and maintaince of the ropeway for an initial period of time, after which the tenders will be floated wherein the locals of the State will get a chance to run the ropeway.

The Chief Minister also shared his concern in the subletting of business by the sikkimese locals to non-sikkimese who do not hold sikkim subject and said that these type of business are in direct violation of Central Direct Tax Law (CDTL) and as such this law may apply to them. In this regard, the CM said that the sikkimese locals should run these businesses themself and aim to be a job provider along with being self- sufficient.

Speaking, about the District Veterinary Polyclinic at Boomtar the Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the land donors and various other stakeholders in erecting of this clinic. He added, that this cinic has been dedicated to the public of Namchi and urged them to inculcate a sense of ownership and responsibility in maintaince of this clinic. The Chief Minister also shared the imperative need to protect and multiply the amount of agricultural domestic animals which are locally born and breed in the state itself as he explained that the survival rate of these animals are high and directed the animal husbandry department that they need to be liable to secure these type of local breeds. Mr. Chamling reiterated that the State Government has provided ample openings for anyone who is interested in dairy and animal husbandry business as there is a fixed market in the state itself, the state government has also given 60% subsidy to pursue this sector.

Chief Minister Shri. Pawan Chamling inaugurated the District Veterinary Polyclinic

Namchi, 4th January(IPR): The Chief Minister Mr Pawan Chamling inaugurated the District Veterinary Polyclinic, at Boomtar Namchi today. Present, during the inaugural ceremony were SLA Speaker Mr. K. N. Rai, Minister Animal Husbandry, Livestock, Fisheries and Veterinary Services Mr. Somnath Poudyal, Secretary Animal Husbandry Dr. Kumar Bhandari alongside various officials. At the outset, the Chief Minister alongwith the dignitaries also inspected the Polyclinic.

The Secretary presented the technical report of the Polyclinic at the function held at Community Hall in which he detailed the report. He added that the Veterinary Polyclinic has been built with a project cost of Rs. 4.87 crore which has been funded under North East Council (NEC) with a financing pattern of 90:10. The Polyclinic has four components and the main Polyclinic is a two storied building where the ground level will be used for clinical examination of animals, carrying out surgical operation and diagnostic laboratory facility including X-ray and ultrasound. The first level will include a facility for training hall and office rooms for doctors. The second component is construction of 5 unit class II quarter for veterinary doctors with parking space. The third component is construction of carpeted approach road and drainage facility and protective wall, the 4th component consist of construction of fencing alongwith the boundary.

Additionally, the Secretary elucidated that the establishment of this polyclinic will assist and meet the demands for modern animal health care and treatment required for domestic animal.

GOC-in-C, Eastern Command, calls on Hon’ble Chief Minister

Gangtok, Jan 29: (IPR) GOC-in-C, Eastern Command, Lieutenant General Manoj Mukund Naravane called on Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling at his official residence at Mintogang today. This was the first meeting of the GOC with the Chief Minister since he took over as the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Command on the 1st of October 2018.

After exchanging pleasantries, Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling thanked the GOC for his visit to Sikkim. He said that the State Government has had a very cordial relation with the army and there is no civil-military tussle of any kind. He also recorded his appreciation for the consistent help provided by the army to the civilian population and tourists during times of distress, natural calamities or adverse weather conditions.

The GOC also expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for providing support to the army at all times. He lauded the environmental initiatives of the State and the emphasis laid on sanitation. He said that the Army would lend every possible support to facilitate free movement of tourists and visitors within permissible limits.

In the end, the GOC extended his invitation to the Chief Minister to visit the Eastern Command Headquarters in Kolkata.

The GOC was accompanied by senior officers of the Eastern Command.


Gyalshing, 28th January, 2019 (IPR): The ‘Gram Swaraj Abhiyan’ or the ‘Janta Mela’ organized by the Department of Rural Management & Development for the year 2018-19 was held at the Kyongsa Ground graced by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri. Pawan Chamling as the Chief Guest along with Shri. S. B. Subedi, Minister, RMⅅ Shri. Somnath Poudyal, Minister, Agriculture & Horticulture; Shri. R. B. Subba, Minister, HRDD; Smt. Tulsi Devi Rai, Minister, Social Welfare; Shri. Ugen T. Gyatso, Minister, Tourism; Shri. A. K. Ghatani, Minister, Health & IPR; MLAs; Chairman of Various Boards; Advisors; HoDs from different departments and Dignitaries.

Shri. Pawan Chamling in his address to the public present in the Janta Mela mentioned that the government is continuously working and extending all it efforts to work for the public. He stated that the Government have strived to make the lives of the poor beneficial and better and have always formed policies keeping them in mind. He mentioned that the inauguration of the 1000 bedded Multi Specialty Hospital at Sokeythang at Sichey is an achievement which the State Government has achieved for the benefit of the people of Sikkim. He emphasized that the hospital has been made where best health care facilities to the people would be made available at their doorstep at affordable cost.
The Chief Minister also informed that the quality of life in Sikkim has improved significantly and that Sikkim doesn’t have extreme poverty nor does it have hunger in Sikkim. He then mentioned that the state’s progression has been possible through the efforts of the public as well.

During his address Shri. Pawan Chamling also advised all the Government Official to work for the uplifting of the state as they are pillars of change in the Sikkimese society. He urged them to continue working diligently towards the state progress and help him to achieve his dream of making Sikkim better in every sphere.
Similarly, to the youths of Sikkim he advised them to help the government in state building and make the state proud. He advised them that their works would give them respect and hence every form of work should be respected and that they must understand the dignity of labour.
He also mentioned that the state of Sikkim is an abode of ‘Peace and Security’ hence the peace needs to be maintained by the public as well. He advised all to maintain communal and religious harmony whilst shunning all negative thoughts which can lead to chaos and disrupt the peace which Sikkim is famously known for.

The Chief Minister then handed over token grants/benefits in cash and kind to beneficiaries from different parts of the West District. Some of the items distributed on the occasion were Electronic Rice Cookers, Water Filters, Compost Bins, Sound System, Samajik Seva Bhatta, Financial Assistance for purchase of religious robes, Oxen for Ploughing and Breeding, Milch Cow, financial incentive for setting up business Enterprises to disabled persons, Incentives under CM’s Start-up Scheme, House allotment certificates under CMRHM Phase II, GCI Sheets, House up gradation grant, LPG, Induction Stove, buffet Sets, torch Light, Sewing Machine, Photocopier Machines, Tents/Shamiyana, Pressure Cookers, Desktop Computers, Laptops to students and Self Help Groups, Power Tiller, GENEP tank – 50,000 litres, Community Vermicompost, RCC Tank – 10,000 litres, Post Metric Scholarship schemes to students, CM’s Merit Scholarship Scheme, 1000 litres HDPE Tanks, Poly pipes, flexible/nylon pipes, and fabricated green houses. Likewise, buffaloes, poultry and piglets were also distributed under Animal Husbandry Department. Similarly, token incentives were also handed over to beneficiaries of ‘Proud Mother Scheme’, grant-in-aid to religious institutions under Ecclesiastical department, and incentives for community investment under State Rural Livelihood Mission.

The Janta Mela at Gyalshing, West Sikkim marked the successful conclusion of the Janta Mela Program for the year 2018-19 of the Government.

The HCM also inaugurated the OBC Girls Hostel at the Kyongsa Senior Secondary School, Gyalshing in the presence of HRDD Minister, Social Welfare Minister, RMDD Minister, Agriculture Minister and other dignitaries.

Chief Minister Shri. Pawan Chamling attended the Janta Mela at Jorethang

Jorethang, 27th January(IPR): The Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling attended the Janta Mela at Jorethang today. This Janta Mela is being organized by RM&D Department for BAC Namchi, BAC Poklok-Nandugaon, BAC Sumbuk , BAC Sikkip, BAC Namthang from the South district and BAC Chumbung Chakung and BAC Mangalbaria from West Sikkim .This is the 6th and concluding Janta Mela in the south district.

At, the onset the Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling inaugurated the phase I Bus and Truck Terminus and Infrastructure Development and Allied Facilities at M G Lane respectively. It maybe mentioned here that both the projects are under Urban Developmet and Housing Department.

The Chief Minister handed over token of various facilities including CMRHM, house upgradation, land bank scheme, GCI sheets, LPG connection, Pressure Cooker, Water Filter, Induction Stove, Torchlight, Photocopy Machine, milching cow and calf, distribution of proud mother scheme, Samajik sewa bhatta, sound system, Chief Minister’s Startup Scheme, water tank, power tiller, commercial vermicompost unit, polypipe, fabricated green house, laptops to Self Help Groups, dinner set for catering groups, sewing machine, desktops, samaj ghar, solar home light, crematorium shed, eco bins, and various grants to religious institutions and scholarships for students pursuing higher studies.

Addressing, the gathering Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling spoke in brief about the aims and objectives of the Janta Mela which is the holistic upliftment of the masses alongside informing them about the various schemes and flagship programs of the State Government. He added that this mela is held to gain constructive insight and shape the future of Sikkim and transform it as one of the better state of the country.

The Chief Minister directed the officials and the Panchayats to submit the list of left out beneficaries by 5th of Feburary to the Chief Minister’s Office so that appropriate process can be applied to include these left out beneficiaries. He also explained in detail how the State Government has ventured and opened up various kinds of employment avenues in the variety of departments under the state government.

The Chief Minister informed that more than 50 kinds of benefits amounting to approximately one crore are being distributed in the series of Janta Mela being held in all the districts. He also updated that entrepreneurs interested in opening up a business with regards to Animal Husbandry department can avail to 60% off subsidy. The Chief Minister also brought to light that a new kind of professional with the name ‘Village Police Guard’ has been prepared by the State Government and that the candidates has already been provided job in this category under the scheme one family one job.

The Chief Minister also encouraged the youths to focus on being self-reliant and to practise a variety of profitable business. He further assured that the State Government will assist them in setting up these kinds of ventures and urged the youths to be responsible in nature and aim to be job givers thereby making Sikkim as one of the best states in the country.

During the course of the program the Chief Minister alongwith the dignitaries released a book published by Akhil Sikkim Magar Association. Also present during the mela were
SLA Speaker Mr. K.N.Rai, IPR Minister cum Area MLA Mr. A. K. Ghatani, Cabinet Ministers alongside Chairmans, Advisors, Officials, Panchayats and public at large.

70th Republic Day was celebrated at Paljor Stadium

Gangtok, Jan 26: (IPR) The 70th Republic Day was celebrated at Paljor Stadium today. The Chief Guest of the day was the Hon’ble Governor, Shri Ganga Prasad and the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Pawan Chamling was the Guest of Honour. Hon’ble Speaker (SLA), Shri K.N Rai, Chief Secretary, Shri A.K Srivastava, Heads of the Departments, officials, students and the public were present at the function.

Th programme began with the unfurling of the National flag by the Governor followed by National Anthem. The Governor then received the National salute and reviewed the parade.

Indo Tibet Border Police, Shashastra Seema Bal, Sikkim Armed Police, Sikkim Police (Male and Female Platoon), Sikkim Home Guard and Civil Defence, NCC, Sikkim Police Pipe and Brass Band and the Army Band participated in the march past.

In his address, the Governor expressed his happiness and satisfaction over the development of the State, which he said is a result of efficient and effective implementation of schemes. He spoke on the history and the significance of the Constitution and said that we should be proud of our roots, stating that the Constitution is a symbol of pride for all Indians.

He highlighted the successful implementation of Organic Farming in Sikkim and said that Sikkim was a model State for others to follow. From progress in the education sector to rural development, he also stated that the goal of the Government was to provide electricity to every household through the Deendayal Upadhyay Grameen Jyoti Yojana and Integrated Power Development Scheme. He threw light on the importance of road connectivity and all forms of transport, stating that a comprehensive road network in the entire State to connect with the most remote villages would be implemented.

He congratulated all those who have excelled in their respective fields, the State Awardees, recipients of Letters of Appreciation and ended his note encouraging everyone to unite and become a strong State so that progress and development takes place through the people and for the people.

The recipient of the State Meritorious Service Award 2019 were as follows:

1. The first recipient of the State Meritorious Service Award 2019 is Smt. Sangeeta Thapa, Deputy Nursing Superintendent, STNM, Health Care Human Service & Family Welfare Department

2. Shri Chador Bhutia, Deputy Director (Exam), Human Resource Development Department

3. Shri Ayta Raj Subba, Under Secretary, Health Care Human Service & Family Welfare Department

4. Smt Sashi Kala Tamang, Assistant Nursing Superintendent, STNM, Health Care Human Service & Family Welfare Department

5. Shri Passang Tshering Bhutia, Office Superintendent, Home Department

6. Shri Santosh Subba, Head Assistant, Department of Information & Public Relations

7. Smt Sashi Kala Rai, Head Assistant, Office of the District Collector, South Sikkim

8. Shri Bhim Narayan Pradhan, Costume Assistant, Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department

9. Shri Dhanapati Sharma, Cameraperson, Information & Public Relations Department

10. Shri Satbir Balmiki, Safaikarmachari, Office of the District Collector, South Sikkim

Mr. Shanti Ram Nepal, a long-distance marathon runner from Raley Khesey, East Sikkim received the Certificate of Commendation and Appreciation along with a cash award of Rupees One lakh in view of his contribution and accomplishments as a long-distance marathon runner.

Five Forest Officers and staff of the Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary, East Wildlife Division, were presented with Commendation Certificate for their outstanding effort in capturing a rare photograph of a Royal Bengal Tiger roaming the forests of Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary on two occasions in the month of December 2018. Their names are as follows:

· Mr. Roshan Tamang, Range Officer, Pangolahka Wildlife Sanctuary (PWLS), East Wildlife Division

· Mr. Dil Bahadur Subba, Range Office, PWLS

· Mr. Bir Bahadur Subba, Block Officer, PWLS

· Mr Chuden Bhutia, Forest Guard, PWLS

· Mr. Dinesh Sharma, Community Organizer, PWLS

The much-prized photograph of the Royal Bengal Tiger shot in the forest of Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary was then released on the occasion by the Governor.

Mr. Bijay Rawat, Gangtok Beautifier, Gangtok Municipal Corporation, received a Certificate of Appreciation for his diligent and valuable service.

For their praise worthy service and contribution to the society, taxi drivers from the State were acknowledged and awarded with Certificates of Appreciation. Their names are as follows:

1. Smt. Dawa Phuti Bhutia (Lepcha), who hails from Pangthang Kyongsa East Sikkim and is the first woman taxi driver in the State

2. Shri Pratap Tamang, of Pragati Chowk, Soreng West Sikkim

3. Shri Deo Kumar Sharma, of Ghurpisey Namchi South Sikkim, who has been rewarded as ‘Best Driver’ in the past

4. Shri Bindeshwari Prasad Datta, of Singtam Bazar East Sikkim

5. Shri Karma Zangpo Lachenpa, of Sakothang, Lachung, North Sikkim. He holds a master’s degree in political science and is the President of North Sikkim Taxi Driver Association.

6. And Shri Bigen Rai, of Namchi South Sikkim, who also holds a graduate degree.

The Hon’ble Governor also released several books published recently by the Department of Information & Public Relations. The Books were as follows:

· Sikkim: Now and Then

· Organic Farming in Sikkim As a Strategy for Sustaining Ecosystem Services and Livelihood by Dr. Eklabya Sharma

· Ke Ho Yo Organic? Sikkim Ma Jaivak Khetiko Ek Sangchipta Parichay by Mr. Lalit Rai

· Over To You: Inspirational and Challenging Quotes from Chief Minister Pawan Chamling for Students.

· Sikkim’s Green Vision: Strategies and Capacity Building

· 24 Years of Unprecedented Development

· Pawan Chamling: Leader with a Difference

· Coffee Table Book on Infrastructure Development

· Women Empowerment in Sikkim

· Pawan Chamling: A Stalwart in Educational Reforms

· Pawan Chamling: The Most Secular Leader of India

· Awards and Recognitions: A Testament to Pawan Chamling’s Golden Era of Good Governance

· Rewarding Achievers during the Golden Age of Sikkim under Chief Minister Pawan Chamling 1994-2018

· Secular Sikkim: Harmony at its Best

· 25 Years of Glorious and Committed Governance under the Leadership of India’s Most Popular Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling

· 32 Vidhansabha Chetra ko Sikkim Bhraman Ma Pawan Chamling

· Mintokgang- A Coffee Table Book

The Governor also released nineteen number of documentary video films produced by the Information & Public Relations Department that highlight the achievement of the State Government in various sectors. The documentary videos covered the following topics/Departments:

· Disaster Management

· Health

· Art, Culture & Food Habits

· Awards received by the Chief Minister

· Gangtok Municipal Corporation

· Roads & Bridges

· Tourism & Civil Aviation

· Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department



· Police

· Homestay Development

· Information Technology

· Animal Husbandry


· Commerce & Industries

· Women Empowerment

· Building & Housing

· Election Department

· Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department

The Governor also launched SWACHH CAR BINS to be distributed to local taxis – an initiative of the Marwari Yuva Manch, Prerna Branch, Gangtok. Established two years back with 36 members, Prerna Branch is an all-women organization of Marwari Yuva Manch in Gangtok, which works for the betterment of society through social projects.

He also launched Packaged Large Cardamom by Olivet, a young Start-up from Sikkim.

The Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour visited the Army Equipment Display at the venue along with the other dignitaries.

The Governor presented trophies to three parade contingents for their performance. The Parade result were as follows:

· Overall Best Platoon: Indo Tibet Border Police (ITBP)

· 2nd Best Platoon: Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)

· Consolation Prize: Sikkim Home Guards & Civil Defence.

This was followed by displays from Army Pipe Band and Sikkim Police Pipe Band. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gangtok and Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department put up cultural dance programmes.

Earlier, the venue erupted in joy and pride as the news of Ms. Draupadi Ghimirey, a well-known social worker from Sikkim and the founder of Sikkim Viklang Sahayata Samiti being awarded the Padma Shri Award 2019 was announced. The news was received from New Delhi on 25th of January. Ms Draupadi Ghimirey is known for her service towards the welfare of people with disabilities.

The Chief Minister attended the 5th Janta Mela at Mangley

Yangang, 24th January(IPR): The Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling attended the 5th Janta Mela at Mangley/Sinchuthang today. This Janta Mela is being organized for 09 Barfung, 14 Temi- Namphing, 15 Yangang-Rangang and 16 Tumin -Lingi constituencies. Also present amongst others were SLA Speaker Mr. K.N.Rai, Cabinet Ministers alongside Chairmans, Advisors, Officials, Panchayats and public at large.

At, the onset of the mela the Chief Minister also distributed various tokens to the selected beneficiaries.

Addressing, the gathering the Chief Minister expressed his delight on attending this janta mela at Mangley as this place is near Yangang which is also his birthplace. He spoke in brief about the aims and objectives of this mela which focuses on disbursement of benefits under the various State Government departments to the masses. The CM spoke about the objective in holding of Janta Mela at this particular place for the sole reason to uplift the village and bring it at par with that of other developed places in the state. He also highlighted how the State Government has set up the headquarters of IRBn in the area thereby bringing about immense progression in terms of investment. The CM said that it is because of the consistent efforts from the State Government to elevate the lives of the general public this type of Janta Mela has been organized and further added that Janta Mela is one of the distinct concept which has been formulated by the State Government for the advantage of the State and its citizens.

The Chief Minister informed that a total of 182 families of Temi Tea Estate will receive house allotment sanction order today. Additionally, the CM emphasized the present and the former panchayats to be efficient and keep a vigil on the distribution of various benefits so that transparency can be maintained and that each and everyone can receive the benefits meant for them.

Speaking about the health scenario which the State Government has constantly upgraded the Chief Minister spoke about the newly inaugurated 1000-bedded Multi-Speciality Hospital at Sochyagang, Sichey which will be functional from 1st Feburary onwards and also will be named as New STNM Multi speciality hospital. The hospital includes all the necessary modern state of art equipment and provides services with a total number of 8 buses which will ply from SNT stand to the hospital during all days. Additionally, the CM said that a yatri niwas has also been established wherein free food and lodging for persons accompanying patients will be provided. Moreover, treatment for the Sikkimese citizens will be free of charge including that of dialysis and cancer treatment.

The CM also articulated since Sikkim is known as a renowned Organic State he updated that Organic shops has been provided to the progressive farmers practising organic farming. With regards to this the Chief Minister encouraged the youths to adopt Organic Farming, he also spoke in detail about the disadvantages of keeping the farm barren and vigorously promoted to cultivate these farms.

The Chief Minister also spelled out the various kind of development brought about in Yangang such as extension of road connectivity, building of Sikkim University which will assist the locals of Yangang to gain profit, boost the tourism.

He also enumerated the various noble concepts that the State Government has designed in the field of education, tourism, rural development, health and many more. He encouraged the public to be aware and utilize these schemes to it’s optimum level. The CM also updated that correction will be made at the earliest with regards to the discrepancy made between the qualifications and the post provided to the candidates during the recently concluded Rojgar Mela.

During the course of this mela the Temi Tea Estate workers felicitated the Chief Minister for his unwavering efforts in upliftment of the State. The mela also saw distribution of benefits by various departments which included CMRHM house allotment, GCI Sheets, LPG Connections, Torch Light, Water Filter, laptops, desktops and various other welfare services.