DEO, North issues important notice for BLOs of North district

Mangan, April 8 (IPR): District Election Officer (DEO) cum Returning Officer (RO), North, Shri Raj Yadav, IAS has issued an important notice to the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) of North District regarding their duties vested on them on 9th, 10th and 11th April.

He has instructed all BLOs to complete following task as per scheduled day and time given below.

09.04.2019 (Tuesday)

  1. Ensure 100% distribution of voter slips
  2. Prepare ASD (Absentee, Shifted & Dead) list as per the record of undistributed voter slips
  3. Submit record of undistributed slips to control room & sector magistrates concern
  4. Ensure 100% distribution of voter guides
  5. Meet to all Person with Disability (PwD) voters personally to invite & guide.

10.04.2019 (Wednesday)

  1. Receive polling parties of respective polling stations. Ensure arrangement of food, lodging etc for the polling parties at polling station
  2. Contact the volunteers appointed for the assistance of PwD voters & inform to the present at 6 am on 11th April, 2019 at polling station. (List of volunteers is with the respective Sector Magistrate)
  3. Set of Booth Level Assistant Counter by arranging required furniture & affecting four (04) posters provided and ensure distribution of undistributed voters list on the same day
  4. Set up of Polling Stations with required furniture, signage, voting compartments etc. as per the direction of the Presiding Officer
  5. Ensure sitting arrangement for the voters
  6. Ensure handing over the ASD list to the PRO concern
  7. Discuss the route chart with the polling party vehicle’s driver to ensure free transportation for PwDs on Poll Day
  8. Check the condition of wheelchair, if provided, in consultation with volunteers
  9. Ensure the distribution of T-shirts provided by the District Administration to the volunteers.

11.04.2019 (Thursday)

  1. Ensure your presence along with volunteers & other required staff members by 6 am at the Polling Stations
  2. Ensure that web casting camera, if installed, are switched on at 6 am
  3. Ensure your presence at the Booth Level Assistant Counter for the whole day to assist the volunteers
  4. Instruct the driver for free transportation of PwD voters; no PwD voters should be left
  5. Ensure that the polling party vehicle is being used only for the transportation of PwD vehicles
  6. Ensure that no one, except voters, is entering within 100 meters periphery of the Polling Station in consultation with Presiding Officer
  7. Ensure that there is uninterrupted power supply at the polling station. If not, contact the concerned Junior Engineer/Lineman immediately or Control Room
  8. Ensure that volunteers are available for PwD voters to help whole day
  9. Ensure that polling party has dispatched after the close of Poll
  10. Ensure that the building is locked after the close of Poll
  11. Ensure that all bills, including food, are paid by the Polling parties.