Final inspection of accounts of contesting candidates for 10-Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency

Namchi, 20 Oct (IPR): The third round of inspection of accounts of election expenditure of the contesting candidates for Bye Elections 2019 for 10-Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency was conducted at the District Administrative Centre (DAC) in Namchi today.

Present during this process were Expenditure Observer for 10 Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency, Mr. Kalrav Mishra, CPAO South, Mr. Sunil Sharma, and various other officials.

In this inspection, accounts of candidates were reconciled with the record maintained by the Assistant Expenditure Observer.

It may be mentioned that final inspection of accounts and re-conciliation for the contesting candidates of 10-Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency will be conducted after twenty five days of counting.