Final round of briefing of polling personnel (women) conducted in Gyalshing

Gyalshing, 30 Mar (IPR): The final round of training and briefing of polling personnel (women) for conduct of General Elections was conducted at the Conference Hall of Zilla Bhawan in Gyalshing. The meeting was chaired by Shri. Karma R. Bonpo, DC/RO West; Shri. P. W. Lepcha, STATE NODAL OFFICER (EVMs and VVPATs); Shri. Karma L. Lepcha, ADC West; Shri. Tushar G. Nikhare, SDM (HQ) and Shri. Netra Biswakarma, US (RMDD).

The DC in his address briefed the Polling Officers on their respective duties that they are needed to carry out on the poll day. He urged them to train themselves as a team and to be able to adapt themselves to the sound of the Ballot Units which would prove to be beneficial and would come in handy to check if the person has voted or not.

In similar context he even asked them to listen with extreme concentration at the time of elderly (women) casting their votes to make sure if the voting procedure is fulfilled. He also stressed on the importance on handling of the EVM and VVPAT machines carefully to avoid malfunction during the day of the polls. 

Further, he also informed about the Parliamentary and Assembly EVMs and VVPATs should be kept separately. Addressing further he even asked them to perform the exercise of mock poll and also to clear the data from the Mock Poll machines after the mock poll is conducted.

While discussing on Presiding Diary he encouraged them to go through it and to be very well familiar with it so as there can be no error of any kind in the line of duty. He urged them to be systematic and organized so as to avoid errors on the Poll day. 

The ADC addressed the trainees by strongly urging them to check for each and every subsidiary materials inside the polling bag and also making sure by doing tally in accordance to checklist.

Likewise, he also informed about the timing schedule of disbursement of polling materials along with the timeframe at which they are needed to perform various poll day exercises.

Master trainers for the training were Smt. Karma Sonam Choden Tongden, DE (Power) and Santosh Allay, Senior Welfare Officer. 

A total of 58 Trainees present during the Final Round of Training.