From District Election Officer-cum-Returning Officer, West, Shri Karma R. Bonpo

Gyalshing, 13 Apr (IPR): District Election Officer cum Returning Officer, West, Shri Karma R. Bonpo, informed about the storage of the Polled EVMs/VVPATs and security arrangements for the polled EVMs/VVPATs.

The Returning Officer informed that all the polled EVMs/VVPATs have been stored in the strong rooms located at Government Girl Senior Secondary Schools.

The EVMs/VVPATs of each assembly constituency has been stored in their respective strong rooms. The EVMs/VVPATs strong room was sealed in the presence of the General Observor Shri Faisal Aftab and representative of the political parties after the polls.

The entire strong room is under 24×7 CCTV coverage and a three tier security system has been provided for the security of the strong rooms. The inner tier of the strong room is being guarded by 1 platoon of Central Armed Police Force, the middle tier is being guarded by 1 platoon of IRBn and the outer tier is being guarded by the State Police.

The security arrangements have been done as per the ECI guidelines and Superintendent of Police West, Shri Tenzing Loden Lepcha, is monitoring the arrangements on a daily basis.

The Returning Officer has also informed that a room has been provided for representatives of Political parties to stay and keep a watch over the activities near the strong room. A CCTV monitor has been installed in the room for the representatives to keep a watch over the strong room.

He also informed that reserve EVMs/VVPATs has been kept in a new EVM Warehouse at Kyongsa. The list of EVMs/VVPATs used polling stations wise has been provided to the political parties and list of EVMs/VVPATs replaced on poll days has been provided to the political parties.