HCM attends the Valedictory Ceremony of the Rainbow Trout Festival at Sribadam

Sribadam, Jan 4: (IPR) Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri P.S. Tamang(Golay) attended the Valedictory Ceremony of a weeklong Rainbow Trout Festival held at Upper Sribadam, West Sikkim, as the Chief Guest, today. The festival was organised by Sribadam Rainbow Trout Festival Organizing Committee in collaboration with Trout Rearing Cooperative Society Ltd.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri P. S. Tamang(Golay), in his address, marked the event as a significant occasion that closely inclined with the livelihood of the people and future of the locality.

He also congratulated Trout Rearing Cooperative Society for taking initiative of Trout culture in cluster form and expressed happiness on the attractive income generated by the farmers through trout culture and further encouraged people to adopt this lucrative business, comprehensively.

Chief Minister expressed his vision to transform Rinchenpong constituency through Tourism Development and informed that a survey has been completed to take up various developmental activities in the constituency. Chief Minister also assured to open Rambang Check-post with an objective to explore and promote tourism in the west district.
He also informed that the state government has allocated fund of Rupees Four Hundred and Fifty Crores under Sikkim Garib Awas Yojana ( SGAY) and one hundred deserving families will be awarded SGAY house in every constituencies. He also assured to provide financial grant for house upgradation after the budget session. He elucidated on Health Insurance Policy under Su-Swastha Yojana for Government employees, pensioners and dependents and added that the state government will introduce health insurance policy for underprivileged family as well.

Chief Minister reiterated his commitment to fulfill all promises made in the election manifesto of ruling party and said, the required fund will be allocated in upcoming budget session to address the major part of the vision document.

Chief Minister also highlighted pro-farmer policies of the state government and threw lights on the programme to launch financial incentives for Milk Producers and progressive farmers from upcoming financial year.

He also assured to increase Old Age Pension and to ensure release of pension on monthly basis. Chief Minister Shri Tamang also announced to provide financial grant of Rs. Five Lakhs to the Rainbow Trout Cooperative Society Ltd. Further he assured to address demands of developmental works submitted by the Chief Patron of the organizing committee Shri Phurba Tshering Bhutia.

Minister Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Shri Lok Nath Sharma, in his address, said that the region of Sribadam is climatically favorable for trout culture and the farmers are getting attracted with impressive income earned by few of the farmers in the locality. The trout growers of the Sribadam area will be the richest farmers in the state if they could realise rising demands of trout variety. The Government has been distributing supportive facilities and required accessories to enhance production and urged farmers to generate output in the field with the proper utilization of various facilities being availed by the state government. The state government committed to extend all possible support for marketing in National and International level, he added.

Director, Directorate of Fisheries Shri Sunil Pradhan presented overview of the trout culture. He mentioned that the trout culture could be a lucrative business for interested farmers. There are 40 units have been constructed within the Sribadam cluster and farmers have been uplifted their economic standard with passion and interest.
The department is determined to enhance production from Twelve KG to Twenty KG per cubic metre in near future.

Chief Patron of the organizing committee Shri Phurba Tshering Bhutia proposed welcome address and also placed demands on behalf of Rinchenpong constituency.

Earlier the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri P. S. Tamang visited the Community Hatchery at Upper Sribadam, W. Sikkim. He also released “fry” (Seed Production) into the raceway tank. He inquired about the technical aspects of Trout culture and discussed with the officials regarding supportive requirements to increase the trout production in large scale. He was accompanied by the Hon’ble Minister for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Shri Lok Nath Sharma, Hon’ble Minister PHE Shri Bhim Hang Limboo, Hon’ble Political Secretary to HCM Shri Jacob Khaling and others.

On the occasion, Final Match of Trout Festival Volleyball Tournament was also played between Rinchenpong Bazar and Random Boys from Buksom.