Hon’ble CM Shri P S Tamang called on His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Dharamshala

Dharamshala November 8 (IPR): The Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri P.S Tamang and Mrs. Sardha Tamang called on His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama in Dharamshala today and took the blessings from His Holiness.

The Dalai Lama during the meeting emphasized on reading the Buddhist text to have a control over different human emotions such to control anger and hatred.

His Holiness ruing that India has lost the ‘Nalanda tradition’, the Dalai Lama expressed his commitment to revive the ancient Indian knowledge. His Holiness also emphasized that modern India needed this ancient knowledge and hence, it should be revived.

The Dalai Lama during the meeting also talked extensively about Kangyur and Tengyur The meaning of “Kangyur” is “the translated words (of the Lord Buddha)”. It is the entire collection of texts regarded as buddhavacana or “Buddha-word”, translated into Tibetan.

The texts considered to be “Buddha-word” are the records not only of the Buddha’s own discourses, but also of teachings and explanations given by others––often by his close disciples with his approval, or by other enlightened beings. Also included are systematic compilations of the Lord Buddha’s pronouncements on particular topics, e.g. the rules of monastic discipline in the Vinaya texts.

Whereas the meaning of “Tengyur” is “the translated treatises”. It is comprised of the Tibetan translations of works written by Indian Buddhist masters, explaining and elaborating on the words of the Lord Buddha.
The Dalai Lama also emphasized on teaching of Sanskrit language in order to learn old Indian text. The Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri P.S Tamang informed His Holiness that his government has given top priority to Sanskrit teaching and also appointed 170 Sanskrit teachers in various schools all over the state.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri P.S Tamang during the call on extended the invitation to His Holiness to visit Sikkim which the Dalai Lama gracefully accepted. His Holiness desired to visit Sikkim during the next summer.
A visibly happy His Holiness blessed the Chief Minister his spouse and the team.