HPV vaccination campaign commences in North district

Mangan, 24 Apr (IPR): Inaugural programme of Human Papilloma Virus vaccination campaign for North district took place at Girls Senior Secondary School, Mangan today in the presence of Joint Director, Human Resource Development Department, North, Smt Deelak Pradhan, as chief guest.

The vaccination was overseen by doctors from District Hospital, Mangan including Dr. D.C. Sharma (CMO/N), Dr. P.K. Basnet (DRCHO) and Dr. Roshana Bhumzan. Also present during the inaugural session were Smt Mamta Rani Rai (School Principal), school faculties and students.

At the outset of the programme, Smt Pradhan cut the ribbon of vaccine box and promoted the vaccine and immunization card, followed by offering of Khadas to the chief guest, doctors and Principal of Mangan GSSS as a token of hospitality.

Principal, GSSS, Mangan, Smt Mamta Rani Rai, in her welcome address, spoke on the importance and awareness on HPV vaccine. She informed that HPV/infection is main cause of cervical cancer and genital warts, therefore it is very important to get HPV vaccine at right age.

The inaugural vaccination programme saw 38 girl students who were given 2nd dose of HPV vaccine while the 1st dose has already been completed on August 2018.

On 24 April, six schools were selected for HPV vaccination. The names of these schools are: Mangan Girl’s Senior Secondary School, Mangan; Kalzang Gyatso Secondary School, Kabi; Dream Valley Academy; Chungthang Secondary School; Sonam Choda Senior Secondary School, Lingdong; and Ralak Junior High School.

The schedule for HPV vaccination campaign in various schools in the North district is as under :-

25.04.2019 – (Thursday)

  1. Mangan Secondary School
  2. Phansong Secondary School
  3. Phamtam Junior High School
  4. Dikchu Senior Secondary School
  5. Naga Secondary School
  6. Hee Gyathang Senior Secondary School
  7. Lingzya Secondary School


  1. Ringhim Secondary School, Nampatam, PS
  2. Rangrang Junior High School
  3. Thingchim Secondary School
  4. JNV School, Phodong
  5. Shipgyer/Saffo
  6. Timvong SS, Namprik JHS, Lingko PS
  7. Sandong JHS, Phidang PS


  1. Phodong Secondary School
  2. Lachen Secondary School
  3. Gor Senior Secondary School.


  1. St. Joseph Junior High School
  2. Namok School
  3. Lachung Secondary School
  4. Mangshilla Secondary School
  5. Lingthem Senior Secondary School


  1. Passingdang Senior Secondary School
  2. Noam Pry. School
  3. Lingdem Pry. School


  1. Singhik Senior Secondary School
  2. Eklavya Model Residetial School


  1. Pakshep JHS
  2. Manul Secondary School Naday/Meyong


  1. North Sikkim Academy and Little Flower School