Indra Jatra Celebration Amid Smaller Fanfare

Soreng, September 20 (IPR): The Newa Guthi, Soreng celebrated the Newari festival of Indra Jatra today at the Community Hall. The Hon’ble MLA, Shri Aditya Golay graced this auspicious occasion as the Chief Guest while Everester Smt. Manita Pradhan had been invited as the Guest of Honour. Among other esteemed invitees were SDM (Soreng), Shri Ranjan Rai, SDPO ( Soreng), Shri Mahendra Pradhan, former Chief Secretary, Shri P.K. Pradhan along with various respected Chairpersons and Advisors of the Governement of Sikkim.
The programme was organized not just to celebrate the auspicious event but also to commemorate Smt. Manita Pradhan for her achievement and contribution in bringing pride and glory to the entire Nation and State along with the Newari Community. She was presented the customary shawl and a token of appreciation by the Chief Guest.
The audiences were firstly addressed by the Guest of Honour, Smt. Pradhan. On taking the podium, she extended her warm greetings to all the distinguished guests and officials. She then talked in brief about the importance and relevance of the festival especially in the Newari community. After the short summary, reminiscing her struggles and hardships, she then spoke about her journey from being a nobody to joining the ranks of few women Everester. She admitted that at a certain point in her career, she did feel like accepting defeat but her sheer determination to achieve her aim kept her pushing. In her speech, she advised the younger generations to not to give up their dreams and aspirations especially when the going gets tough rather face them with courage and confidence. She finally concluded her address by expressing her sincere gratitude towards the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim for his encouragement and also for providing her with financial aid. She thanked the Hon’ble MLA for his instantaneous assistance when asked for. And also she said that she was humbled by the honour and love she had received from the community through this recognition.
The General Secretary of the Committee, Shri G.M Pradhan continued with the programme by giving an in-depth mythical explanation as to why and how we celebrate Indra Jatra. He informed that like any other indigenous group living in the State, the Newari community too can trace back its roots in Nepal but they are happy and fortunate enough to be born in a Secular State like Sikkim where every festival is celebrated with equal zeal and appreciation. He also thanked the IPR department for producing and showcasing the importance and relevance of Indra Jatra Festival through a recently released documentary.
The programme was then addressed by Hon’ble MLA Shri Aditya Golay. Firstly he extended his warmest greetings and best wishes to everyone celebrating the festival. Expressing his gratitude towards the community, he said that our State is known for co-existing in peace and harmony while celebrating all the different festivals and traditional rituals. He also communicated about his concerns regarding the depleting and diminishing of our age old traditions and cultures especially amongst the younger generations. He directly reached out to all the youngsters by asking them to preserve and strengthen our conventional customs and beliefs. The Hon’ble MLA also took this opportunity to inform the gathered attendees about the upgradation of the present community hall into a bigger and better Town Hall under the New District formation plan. Talking on the topic political favouritism and preferences, he strictly informed all the elected representatives to end such practices. He said that everyone must be treated with fairness and equal just regardless of their political inclination. “Our society has to come forward in bringing about better changes. Government aids and benefits must reach to those genuinely needy ones and it’s our duty to provide what is their right”,he added. He also requested the Central and the State Government for vaccination campaign of children below the age of 18 at the earliest. He finally concluded his speech by saying that he felt honoured to be a part of the celebration and that he was thankful for the invitation.
The programme ended with the representation of token appreciation and gratitude towards the Chief Guest by conferring him with the traditional khada and Newari topi. The event also featured few cultural dances from the locals.