NIT Sikkim celebrates the International Day of Yoga

Namchi, 21st June: The International Day of Yoga, 2022 was celebrated with full spirit and vigour at the National Institute of Technology Sikkim located at Ravangla South Sikkim on the 21st of June 2022. The event also marked the closure of the 14-day Workshop on Yoga organized on the campus from 7th June 2022 to 20th June 2022 under the guidance of Shri R.P Poudyal, President of Patanjali Yog Committee Sikkim. The workshop was held to inculcate the habit of daily yoga exercises in the day-to-day life of the participants.
The International Yoga Day event saw the attendance of faculty, staff and students of NIT Sikkim. The event started with the live telecast of the address of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Prof Mahesh Chandra Govil in his address stressed the necessity of exercise both mental and physical especially in the present times of stress and competition. He reminded the students that the practice of Yoga not only strengthens the physical body but also purifies the mind and enhances concentration with the removal of negativity and redundancy. He also informed that the practice of Yoga is older than History itself as Lord Shiva is also referred to as the Adiyogi literally meaning the First Yogi who then passed on the teachings of Yoga to the Saptarishis, the great seven sages. Hence, Yoga has been part of the Indian civilisation from time immemorial and the treasure of Yoga is now shared around the world in the form of a gift by our great country.
The event witnessed the performance of various Yoga exercises and postures which were demonstrated by the Director NIT Sikkim and performed with full enthusiasm by the participants. The Director advised the participants to make yoga a practice in every household and encourage the young and old alike to adopt any of the various Yogic exercises which includes simple breathing exercises to complex physical ones.
The event concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.