DEO/RO, North conducts meet for dispatch/receipt of polling materials and polling parties

Mangan, 08 Apr (IPR): District Election Officer (DEO) cum Returning Officer (RO), North, Shri Raj Yadav, conducted a meeting with the concerned officials for dispatch/receipt of polling materials and polling parties here at the conference hall of District Administrative Centre (DAC) today.

The DEO/RO informed about the duties and responsibilities of the officials those who are engaged with dispatch/receipt of polling materials and parties at New Strong Room on April 10 and 11.

As informed by the DEO/RO, the District Election Office has established separated counter for Order Display, Order Distribution, TA/DA, Numbered Documents, EVM-PC, EVM-AC, Bags, Number/PPT/Torch, Food Coupon, Voting Compartment, EVM Checking, Security Personnel, Food Stall, Vehicle details at newly constructed Block of DAC.

While briefing the duties of the officials engaged with dispatch/receipt of polling materials and parties, he has instructed all officials to discharge their duty with utmost dedication to achieve error free election process.

AO, North/East visits various polling stations of North district

Mangan, 08 Apr (IPR): Accessibility Observer (AO) for North and East, Sikkim General Election 2019, Shri Vishal Chauhan, IAS, Commissioner cum Secretary, Health Department, Government of Sikkim visited various Polling Stations of North district to assess the facilities related to Person with Disability (PwD) voters.

Altogether, Shri Chauhan visited five Polling Stations of the district which are 29/07-Pangthang Junior High School (JHS), 29/19-Tingda Primary School (Model Polling Station), 30/17-Mangshila Panchayat Ghar, 30/15-Tingchim Secondary School, 31/10-Mangan Senior Secondary School (Model Polling Station).

Accessibility Observer was received by Mr. K R Limboo, ADC (Development), Mangan cum District Nodal Officer, Accessible Elections at Pangthang JHS.
Inspecting the Polling Station and accessible school toilets Shri Chauhan directed Booth Level Officer (BLO) to facilitate the PwD voters on Poll day with the help of PwD volunteers. He also asked BLO to provide transport facilities to PwD voters on poll day.

He instructed Sector Magistrate of different sectors to construct temporary Ramp and arrange Locomotors for PwD voters as per exigency. BLOs must ensure that the Presiding Officers vehicle will be provided to bring PwD voters to cast their vote at their respective Polling Stations, he said.

After completion of inspection, AO, Shri Chauhan had a meeting with District Election Officer (DEO) cum Returning Officer (RO), North Shri. Raj Kr. Yadav, IAS and discussed on accessible election at length. AO has expressed his full satisfaction over preparedness of accessible election in the district.

Third round of training for Presiding and Polling Officers

Namchi, 08 Apr (IPR): Five day long ‘third round of training for Presiding and Polling Officers’ for South district which was held simultaneously at Community Hall and auditorium of Namchi Girls Senior Secondary School concluded today.

The master trainers for the training were Mr. Hemant Rai, Mr. Bimal Chandra Rai and Mr. Jigme W. Bhutia alongwith various election officials.

Master Trainer, Mr. Hemant Rai informed the trainees that adequate assistance should be provided to voters under PwD and senior citizens. He updated that these officials should also be aware that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) from this year onwards will also include Braille signage feature for the differently-abled voters to exercise their franchise.

He added that the basic minimum facilities like wheel chairs, ramps and necessary equipments will be available for the PwD voters in all the polling stations in the district.

Mr. Rai further urged the attendees to be well versed with the rule book issued by the Election Commission of India and emphasized that they should also pass on reports to be filled by them in the beginning, during and ending of the polls.

Similarly, master trainer Mr. Bimal Chandra Rai explained in detail the functions of Voters Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPATs) which he updated is being introduced and will be used for the first time in the ensuing General Elections in the state. He said that one of the key characters of VVPAT is that once a vote is cast on the EVM, the information will be displayed on the VVPAT machine and the vote will be visible to the voters for seven seconds after which it gets stored in the machine.

The trainer also briefly expounded about the importance of mock poll which he said should commence an hour prior to the actual polls and that there should be no paper slips during the process of mock poll. He elaborated that mock polls has to be recorded for issuance of certificate and for better transparency and the data of the mock poll should be deleted before the official poll starts.

He also spelt out the various roles and responsibilities that the presiding and polling officers need to follow such as being inclusive in nature, preparing documents, managing complaints, closing of polls and sealing of EVMs.

During the course of the training the election officials also spoke about the android application named ‘Poll Star’ which should be downloaded by the officials as this app is meant to monitor the various important activities pertaining to polling stations during the poll day.

DEO, North issues important notice for BLOs of North district

Mangan, April 8 (IPR): District Election Officer (DEO) cum Returning Officer (RO), North, Shri Raj Yadav, IAS has issued an important notice to the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) of North District regarding their duties vested on them on 9th, 10th and 11th April.

He has instructed all BLOs to complete following task as per scheduled day and time given below.

09.04.2019 (Tuesday)

  1. Ensure 100% distribution of voter slips
  2. Prepare ASD (Absentee, Shifted & Dead) list as per the record of undistributed voter slips
  3. Submit record of undistributed slips to control room & sector magistrates concern
  4. Ensure 100% distribution of voter guides
  5. Meet to all Person with Disability (PwD) voters personally to invite & guide.

10.04.2019 (Wednesday)

  1. Receive polling parties of respective polling stations. Ensure arrangement of food, lodging etc for the polling parties at polling station
  2. Contact the volunteers appointed for the assistance of PwD voters & inform to the present at 6 am on 11th April, 2019 at polling station. (List of volunteers is with the respective Sector Magistrate)
  3. Set of Booth Level Assistant Counter by arranging required furniture & affecting four (04) posters provided and ensure distribution of undistributed voters list on the same day
  4. Set up of Polling Stations with required furniture, signage, voting compartments etc. as per the direction of the Presiding Officer
  5. Ensure sitting arrangement for the voters
  6. Ensure handing over the ASD list to the PRO concern
  7. Discuss the route chart with the polling party vehicle’s driver to ensure free transportation for PwDs on Poll Day
  8. Check the condition of wheelchair, if provided, in consultation with volunteers
  9. Ensure the distribution of T-shirts provided by the District Administration to the volunteers.

11.04.2019 (Thursday)

  1. Ensure your presence along with volunteers & other required staff members by 6 am at the Polling Stations
  2. Ensure that web casting camera, if installed, are switched on at 6 am
  3. Ensure your presence at the Booth Level Assistant Counter for the whole day to assist the volunteers
  4. Instruct the driver for free transportation of PwD voters; no PwD voters should be left
  5. Ensure that the polling party vehicle is being used only for the transportation of PwD vehicles
  6. Ensure that no one, except voters, is entering within 100 meters periphery of the Polling Station in consultation with Presiding Officer
  7. Ensure that there is uninterrupted power supply at the polling station. If not, contact the concerned Junior Engineer/Lineman immediately or Control Room
  8. Ensure that volunteers are available for PwD voters to help whole day
  9. Ensure that polling party has dispatched after the close of Poll
  10. Ensure that the building is locked after the close of Poll
  11. Ensure that all bills, including food, are paid by the Polling parties.

Office of District Election Officer, East launches its ‘PLEDGE TO VOTE’ campaign in Gangtok

Gangtok, April 7 (IPR): As a part of the SVEEP campaign to improve voting percentage, an initiative by Office of District Election Officer, East started the Signature campaign on ‘PLEDGE TO VOTE’ which was launched at MG Marg today. Banners have been put up at two places, one near District Control Room and another near Star Hall. The banner exhorts the urban voters to cast their vote by signing on the pledge board.

The event was inaugurated by the DEO-cum-RO East Mr. Kapil Meena, ADC East Mr. Bharani Kumar, Assistant Collector Mr. Rohan Agawane, officials and attended by general public.

It was informed that Sikkim’s voting percentage as in 2014 was 83%, the third highest in India whileas Gangtok’s voting percentage was recorded at 68%, the lowest in Sikkim.

District Election Officer, East Mr. Kapil Meena said that this initiative is to target the urban electors of Gangtok and to try to persuade urban voters to vote on April 11. Adult franchise is a fundamental pillar of any democracy and every single individual should cast their vote and perform the solemn duty as a responsible citizen of the country, he stated.

Meeting held with SMs and SPOs of North district at Mangan DAC

Mangan, April 7 (IPR): District Election Officer (DEO) cum Returning Officer (RO), North, Shri Raj Yadav, IAS, along with Superintendent of Police (SP), North, Shri Kunzang Dorjee Shangderpa, convened a meeting with the Sector Magistrates (SMs) and Sector Police Officers (SPOs) of North District today here at the conference hall of District Administrative Centre (DAC), Mangan.

During the meeting, DEO/RO, Shri Yadav briefed about the roles and responsibilities of the SMs and SPOs regarding smooth conduct of election process during the Poll day. Elaborating the dispatch process of polling materials and polling teams to their designated stations on March 10, he instructed all the SMs and SPOs to arrive DAC complex at 7 AM positively.

He has also directed to SMs to submit a report of their drive up and setup of Polling Station by 6 PM on the same day. SMs must ensure proper distribution of Voter’s Slip through Booth Level Officers (BLOs), he added.

SP, North, Shri Shangderpa briefed to SMs and SPOs about rules and laws which has to be adhered by them during the poll day. Talking about the guidelines of Election Commission of India (ECI), he instructed that the polling vehicle should not be stopped on the way before getting in to the designated Polling Stations.

Altogether 10 SMs and 10 SPOs were present in the meeting. Besides, SDMs of the district also attended the meeting.

PO, Sikkim inspects three Polling Stations under 14- Temi Namphing constituency

Namchi, 6th April(IPR): Police Observer for Sikkim, Mr Naveen Arora, visited and inspected three Polling Stations in 14/10, 14/14 and 14/15 at Namphing Senior Secondary school under 14- Temi Namphing constituency.

The Sector Magistrate along with three concerned BLOs were present during the inspection. The Observer also took the stock of the upcoming election preparedness and explained in detail the various guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India for the smooth conduct of election.

During his inspection, the Observer was accompanied by the Temi Police Station SHO Ms.Anupa Gurung.

AWWs to visit every household under their jurisdiction on 10-11 April

Gangtok, 6 April (IPR): Office of the District Election Officer/East has taken an initiative to involve Anganwadi workers in creating awareness under SVEEP. Under this, Anganwadi workers will visit every household under their jurisdiction on April 10 and 11.

On the first day, they will take signatures of voters on a pledge sheet thereby, exhorting electors to cast their votes on April 11. They will also inform the Electors about the importance of casting a vote.

On the second day, these workers will again visit the same households to verify if the voters have gone to the polling stations to cast their votes or not. If found that Electors have not gone to cast their votes, they will request and persuade them to do so.

A training for these workers was conducted today at the Conference Hall of the SJEWD, Lumsey by Shri. Rohan Agawane/Assistant Collector in association with the Nodal Officer from SJEWD, Shri. Garjaman Subba.

This training was attended by 112 workers in two batches who actively participated by interacting with the resource person and also getting their doubts clarified.

In addition to this, Voluntary Identity Cards and Pledge Sheets were distributed to the participants.

The workers seemed enthusiastic and excited to be part of this initiative.

Accessiblity Observer visits Polling Stations of West Sikkim

Gyalshing, 06th Apr (IPR): Accessibility Observer (AO) for West Sikkim, Mrs. Ambika Pradhan, IAS, who arrived on 05th April, 2019 visited the Polling Stations of West Sikkim.

Accompanied by Mrs. Bhumika Pradhan, District Nodal Officer for Accessibility and Pink Polling Booths, the A.O visited numerous polling station to access the facilities available for the PWD Voters of the West District. She also interacted with the Sector Magistrates, FSTs and BLOs of West Sikkim. 

The Polling Stations visited by the AO are as follows:

  1. Nayabazar Junior High School
  2. Zoom Salghari School
  3. Chumbong School
  4. Sribadam Secondary School
  5. Kaluk School
  6. Bermiok Martam School
  7. Lungzik Ambotey School
  8. Pelling Senior Secondary School
  9. Darap Senior Secondary School
  10. Kyongsa Girls Senior Secondary School
  11. Community Hall

GO, B. Ram Sashtri, visits polling stations at Nandok SSS, Rongay JHS & Krishi Bhawan, Daragaon

Gangtok, April 6 (IPR): General Observer, Shri B. Ram Sashtri, IAS, today visited various polling stations at Nandok Senior Secondary School, Rongay Junior High School and Krishi Bhawan, Daragaon in East District.

During his visit, he interacted with the concerned Sector Magistrates, Flying Squad Teams and Booth Level Officers. The GO also looked into the basic necessary facility available at the polling stations for the convenience of the voters. He also enquired about the provision for facilities such as drinking water, sanitation and other basic facilities.

The General Observer stated for compulsory casting of votes according to strict guidelines by the Election Commission of India and also enquired about the facilities related to Person with Disability (PwD) and directed that such provisions should be taken up on a compulsory basis. He urged the officials to discharge their duties effectively to ensure successful, free and fair election.