Gangtok, Jan 12: Apropos the press conference by Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj on 11.01.2022 on the matter of SEZ land at Namli, the Information Technology Department states the facts for information of the general public:
1) The SEZ land at Namli is lying vacant at present, as tender process is still ongoing.
2) MS Messaso have requested in writing to allow them the use of Government land at Namli for a few months on rental basis for storage of construction materials for MLCP cum Commercial Complex at old West Point School.
3) In order to aid the construction of a Government project, the vacant land was proposed to be given out on rent on temporary basis until 31-03- 2022.
4) In view of various project timelines, storage of construction materials has been started on the said land as storage of construction materials at site in the heart of the city is not possible.
5) As reported in the Press Conference, the Department clarifies that no trees have been felled at the SEZ land.
The message given out during the press conference as regards SEZ land at Namli being unlawfully taken over by any person or party is false. The allegations so made by the members of Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj in the said press conference is not based on facts.
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