Shri. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim attends the “North East Youth Festival 2019” as the Chief Guest

Dentam, 21st January, 2019 (IPR): Shri. Pawan Chamling chaired the North East Youth Festival 2019 organized by the Sports Youth Development Board, Govt. Of Sikkim at Dentam as the Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony. The HCM was accompanied by Shri. N. K Subba, Minister, UD&HD; Shri. R. B. Subba, Minister, HRDD; Shri. G. M. Gurung, Minister, Roads; Shri. S. B. Subedi, Minister, RMDD; Shri. A. K. Ghatani, Minister, Health; MLAs, Chairman, HODs and other guest and dignitaries.

The HCM in his address to the gathering at Dentam spoke exclusively to the youths present in the North East Youth Festival. He urged the youths to be updated with the current technology in order to reap the full benefits of the current time in regards to the opportunities present for them. He advised the youths to interact with each other during the festival which could be useful for all participants to understand each others culture and their ways of life. He mentioned that the festival is a chance for the North Eastern States to intermingle with each other which would be benificial to all.

The HCM mentioned that the youths have it in them to shape the future of their state in ways they want to see their respective states in the future. He advised the youths to never lose hope and to be able to try harder in terms of work and the race of life. The HCM mentioned that the State has done everything in its power to help the youths in every way possible by introducing various governmental schemes and policies which benefit the youth of Sikkim. Lastly, he extended his best wishes to all the participants of the North East Youth Festival.

During the event the Chief Minister also released the ‘Sikkim State Youth Policy Book’ and ‘Tales of Transformation: A Compilation of Articles by HCMMSS Recipients’ during the inaugural ceremony of the North East Youth Festival 2019.

Participating states for the Youth Festival were Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura.