Skill Development Programme on Trout and Carp Fishing in Namchi

Namchi, 13th January (IPR): A two day long Skill Development Programme on Trout and Carp Farming for fisheries stakeholders organised by Directorate of Fisheries, Namchi in Partnership with National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad was held at District Administrative Centre, Namchi today.
The program had the presence of Joint Director of Directorates of Fisheries Shri C. S Rai as the Chief Guest alongwith Master Trainers of the programme Deputy Director of Fisheries, South Shri R.P Subba and RO (Fisheries) Shri Yuwaraj Sharma, Assistant Director (Fisheries) Shri Rochak Subba and progressive fish farmers of South District.

During the program, Shri C S Rai spoke about this programs aim and objective which is to increase the production of trout and carp fishes with marginalise profit. He added that their is a rising demand for these fishes and Sikkim is a place wherein these fishes can be commercially farmed. He also highlighted that farming of these fishes is extremely beneficial as the demand is high and there is a flourishing market as well.

Master Trainer Shri Yuwaraj Sharma gave a detailed presentation on the cultivation of fisheries. He informed that the selection of site for construction of Fish Pond/raceway should be attentively contemplated which needs to be slighted 17 meters in length, 2 metres breadth and 1.5 meters depth, below the ground level. He also informed that Rs. 1.2 lakh is being granted in installment basis for the construction of Raceway or pond by the government with one time complimentary high yielding 2000 rainbow trout seeds and 3000 Amur variety of carp seeds.

On the occasion, Resource Person Shri RP Subba spoke on the technical aspects of fish harvesting, feeding and hatching of eggs, etc. He informed that essential of suitable soil, climate and water is important as these aspects determine the cultivation techniques for developing and sustaining the pisciculture which will also be equally responsible for development of production increase.

The certificate of participation alongwith work orders were also presented to stakeholders by the Chief Guest. It may be mentioned here that a total of 32 beneficiaries from the district participated at the said programme.