The ‘Gram Swaraj Abhiyan’ aka ‘Janta Mela’ reaches Soreng, West Sikkim

Soreng, 22nd January, 2019 (IPR): The ‘Gram Swaraj Abhiyan’ or the ‘Janta Mela’ organized by the Department of Rural Management & Development for the year 2018-19 was held at the Soreng Ground which was graced by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri. Pawan Chamling as the Chief Guest along with Shri. R. B. Subba, Minister, HRDD; Shri. S. B. Subedi, Minister, RMⅅ Shri. N. K. Subba, Minister, UD&HD; Shri. A. K. Ghatani, Minister, Health & IPR; Shri. Sonam Gyatso Lepcha, Deputy Speaker (SLA); MLAs; Chairman of various Boards; Advisors; HoDs from different departments and Dignitaries.
In his address to the public present in the Janta Mela he reminded the public about the Government’s adamant nature towards their welfare in every way. He mentioned that the people of Sikkim must realize that the “Janta Mela or the Gram Swaraj Abhiyan” is a one of a kind event and an initiative of the Government present only in Sikkim where the public are given benefits which could ease their ways of livelihood. He mentioned that the government since its inception has always been for the public in every way possible and that their policies too are formulated for the citizen’s benefit in the long run. He pointed out that they have always worked while keeping the Sikkimese citizenry in mind.
Shri. Pawan Chamling advised all the Panchayats and the Official Bodies to properly select genuine beneficiaries who are in dire need for such beneficial schemes of the government. He once again reminded that the government has always been there for the poor and will always work for those who want to be self-sufficient. He also advised the youths of Sikkim to be innovation ready and always have a positive mindset with an attitude of looking forward in life. He also asked them that they must always respect elders who are according to him the embodiment of God and hence every elderly people needs the love and care from their respective families hence they should be able to love them.
The Chief Minister handed over token grants/benefits in cash and kind to beneficiaries from different parts of the West District. Some of the items distributed on the occasion were Electronic Rice Cookers, Water Filters, Compost Bins, Sound System, Samajik Seva Bhatta, Financial Assistance for purchase of religious robes, Oxen for Ploughing and Breeding, Milch Cow, financial incentive for setting up business Enterprises to disabled persons, Incentives under CM’s Start-up Scheme, House allotment certificates under CMRHM Phase II, GCI Sheets, House up gradation grant, LPG, Induction Stove, buffet Sets, torch Light, Sewing Machine, Photocopier Machines, Tents/Shamiyana, Pressure Cookers, Desktop Computers, Laptops to students and Self Help Groups, Power Tiller, GENEP tank – 50,000 litres, Community Vermicompost, RCC Tank – 10,000 litres, Post Metric Scholarship schemes to students, CM’s Merit Scholarship Scheme, 1000 litres HDPE Tanks, Poly pipes, flexible/nylon pipes, and fabricated green houses. Likewise, buffaloes, poultry and piglets were also distributed under Animal Husbandry Department. Similarly, token incentives were also handed over to beneficiaries of ‘Proud Mother Scheme’, grant-in-aid to religious institutions under Ecclesiastical department, and incentives for community investment under State Rural Livelihood Mission. The distribution of allotment orders to eligible beneficiaries under ‘Land Bank Scheme’ to Sukumbasi (Landless). This welfare Scheme is a recent government decision and entails allotting available Government lands to Sukumbasi.
In conclusion, the Chief Minister announced that festival of Bumchu, Teez, Mangshirey Purnima of Bhujel community, and Sanderpida of Mukhia community will be designated Government holidays.
The Chief Minister also laid the Foundation Stone for the Fire Station Building at Soreng.