Webinar for students of Gyalshing District on Single-Use Plastic Ban

District Administration, Gyalshing District, collaborated with Compassionate Living, a Delhi-based group led by Environment activist, Ms Padmavati Dwivedi in association with Sowgood and Nextgen Innovation Labs and participated in a Webinar on Single-Use Plastic Ban on 11.6.22
Around 200 activists, NGOs and RWAs attended the Webinar from Delhi, Bhopal, Surat Ghaziabad etc. of which 100 participants were school and College children and teachers from the Gyalshing district.
DM Gyalshing, Ms. Yishey D. Yongda reached out to the organizers for including school and college students of the district in the webinar so that they could have an understanding of SUPs (Single-Use Plastic) and how to display good citizenry in implementing the ban. It may be noted that recently the Urban Development Deptt has issued a public notice on “prohibition of production, stocking, distribution and sale etc. of SUPs” hence, such technical sessions on the hazards of SUP as well as how to follow the ban for students is most appropriate as they can be ambassadors of change.
Dr. Ruby Makhija, Brand Ambassador & Member of City Level Task Force for Plastic Waste, Municipal Corporation of Delhi was the speaker for the Webinar. She spoke about the urgent need to deal with the single-use plastic menace. Starting from “What” is single-use plastic, she covered all aspects including impact, challenges, possible solutions and strategies to the SUP problems. The Plastic Waste Management Rules were explained by her in detail in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner giving phasing out date for each item. Emphasis was given to small measures and lifestyle changes that can be done at the individual level to tackle the problem. She described the role of involving schools and colleges in the movement against single-use plastic. Stressing upon the importance of providing alternatives, she discussed Project Vikalp. Vikalp is a project launched by Why Waste Wednesdays Foundation in association with MCD. It is focused on providing alternatives to single-use plastic bags. There are 100 Vikalp stalls in Delhi from where consumers can borrow a cloth bag against a deposit and has an option of returning the bag and taking a refund.
There was a question and answer session at the end of the talk where Sikkim teachers and students put forth their queries. Dr. Makhija patiently answered all the queries.
Such webinars are an excellent medium to raise awareness among students eventually contributing to long-term behavior change.
The Distt Administration, Gyalshing will be organizing more such webinars in the coming weeks so that the masses are made aware. This will eventually help in the implementation of the upcoming ban on single-use items from 1st July 2022. School and college students of other districts are also welcome to join these webinars.